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School with Pokemon?

Rate this Entry more a school could be without talking about entertainments, gfs and bfs and anime! (wait, anime?)


Since CN returned, I can't believe what they're talking about. why, it's POKEMON of course! I really can't believe one them said that chikarita evolved into Grovyle :) The problem is, we're a little late when it comes to pokemon. AG is being shown and luckily, every topic they made, I kinda answer and join in to their discussion.

May the character I heard at every topic they made. May is still popular by most of them. (maybe it's because contest episode in AG are being shown and it's obvious May is the female lead in the said season)

on the other side.
one of the so-called-group has a little bit of misunderstandings. Their together-ness, teamwork and pranking over other schoolmates are actually fading. So much for the fun and bias kind of way they had made, even though I wished they are other way to have their trust with us..I can't see ''friends'' fight over another. But I can see why that happened and their reason, is very agreeable, that's why that happened.

So much about no first two subject periods..I guess this is not the day I need to get excited about.Tsk..

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    ... your very hard to read
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    Uggh, please change the background. My eyes hurt.
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    okey, sure.. sorry..


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