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First RNGed Eggs

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I remember after finally gettin' a hold of my SID, I tried to RNG my first Egg :D

Now you see, this takes place after a struggle on tryin' to figure out my SID (with a Shiny that I got off of GTS xD) and a lot of failed attempts at gettin' a Shiny Egg.

I was so excited to get a hold of my SID, so the first thing I did the very next day was RNG a Shiny Egg in my Platinum game.
I did the steps carefully, made sure I counted the Poketch 'Happiness Checker' jumps and 'Coin Flip' flips correctly. Rushed to the Day-Care and deposited the parents as quick as I can.
Now, this is the moment of truth, if I did all the steps properly and I didn't mess up the RNG advancements.....

The Egg hatched into a

And so later I got a hold of my Pearl SID and hatched a

And from that day, I officially became a successful RNG Abuser

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    Congrats on hatching a red X! :D


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