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What's my Choice?

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ah..school..works..school works..
another ''annoying day'' for me and for y friend..

There have been school elections in our school. After the student council, there is an environmental school election and I've been planning to take the place as the future president of our school org. But the problem is, becoming a president, I must sacrifice other school clubs in the position of president which makes a tough choice for me..*what you guys think*

though It' not a huge problem..

I'm hoping we'll get a ''fair'' and good election this coming week. Hoping new officials will get the school on the right path..


balling around

It's been a sad, lonely day at school but I still look at the bright side of everyday. A lot of activities are great challenges,*actually little challenge,..

have a nice day everyone..

Blogging around,
vongola lover..

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  1. Dan's Avatar
    Depends on what clubs you're dropping out of to do it
  2. Vioxx's Avatar
    yeah you're right..thanks..


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