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Hi there, people! I'm here with a new site, PokeDarkness forum! It really needs a few members, so I thought I could do this, I hope this isn't against the rules now.

PokeDarkness forum is an evergrowing forum created by me, run by Detective Ema Skye, Yo Face Here, and DemoneticWolf of Pe2k/Pef.

We are currently looking for staff members to join us, so if you are interested, PM me Via PDF forum and I will think it over. It would be best if you sent a paragraph or so on how you would support our forum so you have a higher chance of being picked.

Just so you know how we pick, I will show you the voting form.

Personality: (Would this person be one to welcome others kindly?)
Power Hunger: (Does this person seem too power hungry?)
Helpfulness: (would this member be helpful in any way?)
Other: (Anything else)

Please, think about joining us. We don't have many members at all...


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  1. Kantomasta's Avatar
    I signed up :)


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