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Dear Arceus, this update is soooooooooo overdue.

But anyways, picking up where I left off: I try to avoid the Weather Institute and continue on my way to the centre at Fortree but silly me! Drone Block -_-; Luckily, however, the Institute is apparently equipped with an on-call room (though you really have to wonder why, Meteorological Emergency?).

Still, well-rested, complete rape for team aqua then ensues for the next few minutes. I receive the uber-cute castform for my troubles and I call him "Casper", adding him to the team.

Considering the massive level gap between my older and newer team members, I reckon its probaly best to fight as many NPCs as possible before battling Winona, so I head off to that sea route between Petalburg and Slateport which I avoided earlier (*Commence training montage*)

I didn't train there for long but guess what? Turns out Casper's a total beast. No, really. Weak to fighting? Fire Forme. Rock type foe you say? Just add Water! It can become whatever you want it to be and anytime it changes weather ball not only doubles in power but also gets STAB, adding up to base 150 power, and thats not even including the weather multipliers themselves!

(Oh and did I mention it can pull off a sweet bolt-beam variation with Ice Ball + Thunderbolt as well? Now dat's wat ahm talkin' 'BOUT!)

So yeah, heading back to Fortree I'm ambushed by generic rival May, who gets completely bummed by Casper's bolt-ball combo and promptly flees. Also, just outside Fortree there was an unfortunately named Ninja Boy:

Game narrator: "HIDEO wants to battle"

Me [misreads text]: "He's hideous?"

Upon arrival at Fortree I mooch on over to the Gym (after first healing) but more drone block appears in the form of an invisible Kecleon, so I march all the way over to Rt. 120 about to get the silph Devon Scope when all of a sudden:

"WILD absol appeared!"

After that, me and the team (including newly acquired Destiny :3) bag the scope from Steven. However, just as I'm just about to return to Fortree, Steven is snatched in broad daylight by something that looks suspiciously like shadow Lugia.

Frightened and bewildered I take refuge in the safest place for my mons and I nearby...The Gym! Not to worry though, Casper totally whales on everything, Winona included. Seriously, I didn't even switch out once. Winona's battle was particularly roflicious:

In fact, the most difficult strategic decision I had to make the whole time I was there was whether I should teach Aerial Ace to Pumpkin, Psyche or Destiny (I chose Psyche, btw).

Oh, and Mr. T evolved at some point, but I was lolling too hard to notice really.

In fact, now that I think about it this whole run from the Weather Institute to....well, the point at which I saved and turned the game off (Lilycove, btw)was just me and Casper looting random NPCs. Although, there was this really long & tedious bit where I had to go all way from the route below Mt. Pyre to the Day-care centre to retrieve Lotad (who evolved into Lombre on the way) and back again on foot so that Giga Drain lady could see a Grass-type and hence give me the stupid TM (taught it to Psyche as well)

Also, I caught two Shuppet (one male one female) on each othe routes outside Mt. Pyre. Names them Paz and Hope respectively and put Paz in the Day-care in Lombre's place en route.

Also-also, this:

Quote Originally Posted by Collector Ed, approaching a ten year old boy on Rt. 122

Sometimes, when there aren't any trainers around, I make my pokemon battle themselves. I watch them

Seriously, for a children's game series, there's some messed up shit going around.

I escape to Mt. Pyre and save the game, bulling myself up for some cataclysmic battle with Archie at the summit. However, barely four grunts in I reach the summit and he just up and pulls a houdini on me! What a gyp!

The whole thing would've been a frustratingly anticlimactic end to the run had I not found May blocking the entrance to Lilycove mall a little later, whose team Psyche consequently ran into the ground faster than Nick Clegg's post-election popularity (both to my amusement).

Oh, and this also helped:

Quote Originally Posted by May upon defeat in Lilycove

I remember that battle I had with you on Rt. 103. That battle helped you become this strong, didn't it?

And then, just as she's about to leave, shadow lugia strikes again, swooping in to abduct May before my very eyes. CURSE YOU SHADOW LUGIA! CURSE YOOOOOUUUUUUU!

...And that's about where I saved XD

Therefore, my status is now:

So yeah, stay tuned and until next time,

GZ out :)

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Updated 24th February 2011 at 05:09 PM by Green Zubat

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  1. Kyuuketsuki's Avatar
    I've never trained a Castform, is it really that useful?
  2. Green Zubat's Avatar
    Yeah, it seriously is. Casper never takes longer than 3 turns for me to KO an opponent, and if I didn't have to set up weather conditions it'd be less than that. I love him <3
  3. Kyuuketsuki's Avatar
    Might just consider training one someday. :P


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