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Shinies and Hundreds

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This is my first blog I suppose and I just wanted to share the shinies and hundreds I've obtained in Soul Silver. I know some of the lvl 100's aren't mine, I still wifi traded for them =]. Here is the list.
My lvl 100 Raichu
My lvl 100 Umbreon
My lvl 100 Wailord
My lvl 100 Swellow
My lvl 100 Blaziken
gamestop event shiny pichu
gamestop event spike eared pichu
Birthday present lvl 17 shiny Roserade
Birthday present lvl 34 shiny Froslass
Birthday present lvl 34 shiny Snorunt
wifi traded lvl 28 shiny Persian
wifi traded lvl 71 shiny Flareon
wifi traded lvl 100 Dragonite
wifi traded lvl 46 shiny Steelix
wifi traded lvl 100 shiny Hitmontop
wifi traded lvl 100 shiny Prinplup
wifi traded lvl 36 shiny Weavile
wifi traded lvl 63 shiny Hariyama
wifi traded lvl 100 Garchomp
wifi traded lvl 100 Tyranitar (I traded a lvl 100 Tyranitar that I didn't want for another one)
I'm still on the quest to collect more shinies and 100s through wifi trading too. Oh the taunts when I can't get the shinies or 100s that I want because people are selfish and want legendaries like Darkrai or Shaymin. Lol well what are some of your awesome accomplishments like shinies or lvl 100s?

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  1. Snoozle's Avatar
    Uhhhh, Lake of Rage Gyarados ;^-^

    I've got a few shinies I received in trades, such as Gible, Bagon, Horsea (now Seadra), Trapinch, Dratini, Swablu, Pichu and some of the other events like the Beast Trio etc.

    I'd trade 'em all for a single wild shiny encounter, unless it was something hideous like a Wurmple or Kricketot .__.


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