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Should I change my username? o_o

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Hi guys :]

I was just wondering if anybody thinks I should change my username. It seems a bit bland and boring, so I'd like some opinions ^_^

And if I should, then any suggestions? I was thinking Princess of Johto, to match my Smogon username, but I'm not sure.

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  1. Der_Neuevenmenschen's Avatar
    Switch it to [I]Princess Heracross[/I].
  2. Super Seaking's Avatar
    How about Hoenn Trainer, since Hoenn is the superior region?
  3. Dr. GM's Avatar
    Why not "Divine Shine"?
  4. Angad's Avatar
    I'm used to the current one, but you could make it Johto Champion.
  5. Johto Trainer's Avatar
    @ El Noobio: Hmm... I'll think about that one :]

    @ Super Seaking: NEVER! Johto is better, Imo ^^

    @ Foreshadowing Siren: That one confuses me, tbh. Why would I make that my username? It's a cool name, but why for me? :D

    Edit: @ CRACK: I don't like that one, it's too close to my current one, and if I do change my username, I want it to be some what different ;)

    Thanks for your suggestions!
  6. Sublime's Avatar

    Typical fandom username.
  7. Angad's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sublimε

    Typical fandom username.
    I'm surprised it wasn't the one you suggested to me.
  8. Kamikazen's Avatar
    You have a bit of a reputation in the Garden already, a company to be exact. I say leave it as it is. Changing it, IMO, would create confusion unless u announce it. You don't want peeps sayin' "OMG, who is this magical person that just appeared on my friend's list?"

    If I were to recommend a name, it would be Queen of Johto/ Johto Queen or Flower of Johto/Johto's Sakura or something along those lines.


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