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Life of Jakku, pt. 1

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This doesn't have to be Pokemon based does it? Ah good.

HELLO WORLD! It's me, Jakku! So kids, have you missed me? It's bin a long time for all of us, hasn't it? But now, I'M BACK!

This blog may just turn into a rant. In fact, I might make it just that..

Now, *coughs*, you may have seen my before on the Roleplay forums. If you haven't, how in the name of myself did you find my blog?!
Oh yeah, facebook.

Don't expect this to be regularly updated, it won't. It may follow a VGcats style update schedule, mainly due to the fact that, as usual, I'm balancing a game I'm making, video games, Facebook, RPs, and my Sprite Shop, along with schoolwork.

Wouldn't have it any other way...

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  1. Stranger's Avatar
    I clicked your blog from the blog list up on top.

  2. JakkuEbansu's Avatar
    Sure. $10


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