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Transformers wishlist, as of 5/29/09

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I'm bored, and that "1" floating next to my "blog entries" was looking a little weird, so I figured I'd post a list of the Transformers toys I currently want, regardless of whether they're upcoming or older than dirt. Bear with me, folks; this will take a while.
  • Device Label Blaster. The original Blaster was obscenely huge. Normally, a transfan has to be able to forgive scale issues, but I'm getting Blaster as a complement to my Soundwave, so having one tower above the other is a no-no. Device Label Blaster (who transforms into a laptop-shaped USB hub; it kind of makes sense, as a laptop is used for music now as much as a boombox would be twenty-five years ago) seems to be a much more appropriate size, in addition to having more articulation. Now, if only it didn't cost so much to import.
  • The Decepticon and Autobot cassettes, to go with Soundwave and Blaster. I only really want one of each mold; I can have Frenzy without needing Rumble. The one problem? There are a lot of these, and almost any one of them can easily fetch upwards of $50 on eBay. So I'm limiting myself to what I can find. So far, I have Ravage, Laserbeak, and... uh... another Ravage. So getting any more is going to take a while. Four of them (Ratbat, Slugfest, Ramhorn, and Steeljaw will soon be released as part of the Encore series. Unfortunately, these are also Japan-exclusive, so importing them will cost quite a bit. Still, not as much as trying to acquire them in the secondary market.
  • Interrogator Barricade. Barricade appeals to me as a character, and I feel kind of bad that I missed out on him the first time around. Instead of going through the secondary market, I figured I'd wait for another official release, like this one. If I like this enough, I might pick up one of the older Barricades (that come with Frenzy instead of those claws), so I can switch between the claws and Frenzy, Soundwave-style.
    I like Soundwave.
  • Electrostatic Soundwave, just for Ratbat. If Hasbro ever releases it, that is.
    I like Soundwave.
  • ROTF Starscream. I'm not usually a huge Starscream fan, but the Movieverse version really came into his own after The Reign of Starscream, and since this toy appears vastly improved over his original one, I may get it.
  • Refute and the Adventure Mini-con Team. I'm not too sure about these guys. On the one hand, they're supposed to be able to fit onto the Armada Cyclonus mold, but other reports I've read say that they fit horribly, suggesting they were originally supposed to go with Refute's partner Hoist, who wound up having no gear system like Cyclonus. I haven't been able to find any images of them attached to Cyclonus. But if I did get them, they could join Crumplezone and the Destruction Mini-Con Team as Cyclonus's minions.
    Why, you may ask, am I trying to accrue an army of things that Cyclonus can attach to his chest?
    ...I like Soundwave.
  • Animated Jazz. Jazz has a tendency to be cool in any continuity, but this one is a ninja and he's wearing headphones. Even so, I was on the fence for a while about buying him, but after he left Sentinel for Optimus's team in the cartoon, I was sold. Which was right about the time all my local stores stopped carrying him. Balls. I'm hoping for the Freeway Jazz redeco that was rumored, but like the rest of the Animated toyline, the fate of that toy is currently in a a state of flux.

So there you have it. Not as long as you might fear, but definitely expensive, and indicative of my pathetic love for everything that even remotely reminds me of Soundwave. Thanks for reading, and I'm sorry I wasted three minutes of your life on this drivel.

UPDATE: I got ROTF-scream. Pretty nice, I have to admit. I mostly only bought him for emotional comfort, but I think he'll be a good addition, especially since I can now recreate his awesome fight with Wreckage from Alliance.

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  1. Quartzthyst's Avatar
    Freeway Jazz.... along with the future Animated line is still up in arms.. Hopefully Botcon this year can clarify whether or not they are getting released or not.

    I'm glad you have interest in the Armada line, it's possibly one of my favorite lineups of Transformers..... Im almost close to completing it.

    I'm pretty sure you can get most of these! ROTF Starscream is out tommorow!

    Happy Hunting!

    (and of course.. good to see another TF fan on the boards! )
  2. Martonimos's Avatar
    Yeah, the Armada toys are simple, but undeniably fun. Movie Blackout has a similar gimmick to Cyclonus, but Cyclonus is a lot more fun for some reason. I also have Sidways (so awesome!) and my brother has Smokescreen. I don't want to overload on Mini-Cons, but the ones that interact with other figures in more ways than just Powerlinxing are cool.
  3. Quartzthyst's Avatar
    And just for ya...

    Freeway Jazz!


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