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Sorry + CoD + Name Rant

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Hi, guys. If you've noticed that I haven't been on BMGF for the past week or two or so, I'm very sorry. I decided to take a break from the internet for a while. It never came across me to write a blog to explain everything. So, don't worry, I still love Pokemon. I'll try to post more often here on BMGF again. :)


Also, during my hiatus I got addicted to another series. A few weeks ago I just purchased an Xbox 360 slim 250 GB and Call of Duty: Black Ops and just recently Call of Duty 4. Black Ops as well as the other games in the CoD series are so addictingly fun it's not even funny.

At first glance they may seem like your average war games, but trust me, they're not. Each of the Call of Duty games take place in a specific war and have their own storylines, unique characters, and extremely captivating multiplayer modes.

For example, CoD: Black Ops takes place during the Cold War (And partially in the Vietnam War) and most of the campaign missions you play are a series of flashbacks of the main playable character, Alex Mason. Mason is part of the CIA and SOG team who are trying to figure out about Nova-6, a biochemical weapon that the Russians are planning to use against America. You eventually stop them, but it is revealed at the end that Mason has been brainwashed by the Russians and that some of the things experienced throughout the game may have just been hallucinations caused by the brainwashing. Oh, and that the Russians have brainwashed your character as a ploy to
Big WTF moment right there.

Black Ops' characters were also awesome. Especially Mason's friend and superior, Sgt. Frank Woods. He's too badass for words. So badass that he won Spike's Video Game Awards as the best character of the year! Actually, if it weren't for the fact that he's just a video game character and I'm straight, I would totally go out with him despite the age difference.



And finally, I've seen Unova's Pokemon's names. And I have to say that...

...They're disappointing to say the least...

Seriously? Throh, Sawk, Swoobat, Roggenrola, Scraggy, Scrafty, Amoonguss? I could go on and on about how horrible and unfit, IMO, the names are. Only a select few actually stand out as good names to me such as the Lillipup line, Pidove line, Gothita line, Axew line, Durant (IDK why, though), and Sigilyph.

Oh gawd, Haxorus is the best name ever...

That being said, I know I'll eventually get used to them, but...


...And Sawk...


/Pointless Rant

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Updated 22nd January 2011 at 08:11 PM by #Daisuke#

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  1. Gligar13's Avatar
    Play nazi zombies, and invite some XBL friends too. Then you will have lots of fun.
  2. #Daisuke#'s Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Gligar13
    Play nazi zombies, and invite some XBL friends too. Then you will have lots of fun.
    Zombie mode is extremely fun. It'll be even more fun with the new First Strike map pack that's coming out. I'll be sure to invite friends over then.

    It just sucks that I fail and can't get past round four while fighting zombies... ;_;


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