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LeafGreen Nuzlocke Challenge - Day #2 - The End.

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Well, this didn't go well.

I took on my rival and make quick work of him. I was confident in my team, so we headed to Mt. Moon.

The trainers posed no problems. I decided I should train up Meno before entering Mt. Moon. He died in the process...

I also killed both the pokemon from the routes outside of Mt. Moon and the Geodude in Mt. Moon itself.

I felt nervous entering Mt. Moon with just Plato and Sophia... Turns out I was right.

Sophia fell victim to a flurry of wild Zubats and a rather adamant Rattata from a Rocket Grunt.

Plato was my last pokemon and he fought valiantly against everything I encountered.

In the end, Grimer and Koffing (of the guy before the fossils) proved too much for him.

Via con Dios, Plato.

I'm not discouraged by this first attempt. Part of it was bad luck, as I kept killing the few pokemon I had a chance to catch. I think I can do better on my next attempt.

I think I'll erase either my Ruby or my Pearl to try a new Nuzlocke challenge.

Perhaps another try at LeafGreen...

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  1. Rakarei's Avatar
    Try again at the same game a few times, it becomes much easier because you know where the troublesome trainers are.
  2. Delphonso's Avatar
    Thanks. In this game, the trainers weren't a problem, it was the wild pokemon. Criticals were common and they mainly used offensive moves rather than status altering.

    Plus Sophia was poisoned every time she got hit by an attack that could cause poisoning... .____.

    I think I'm going to do Ruby, I'll post about it soon. I'm gonna work on some pictures to make it more entertaining first.


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