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Pokemon Fandom The Skit Episode 3

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Notice: Before you get all hyped up, this is referring to the entire fanbase. Hint: Great God-Fearing Christian is NOT the fastest-evolving Bug/Poison Pokemon.

Great God-Fearing Christian: Fellow Pokemon fans, we gather here in the Council of the Fanservice Inquisition to discuss a most grievous problem afflicting our franchise. Yes, the visual medium we all know and love hath fallen to the plague of fanservice. Have the creators no morals? Do they not fear God? Why else would they pander to Satan by portraying young girls in such scandalous outfits and corrupt the minds of children everywhere?

Crazy Otaku Girl: *looks up from James Speedo pics* Yes, the lack of male fanservice is a huge problem. I suggest we remedy this with more scenes of shirtless guys in speedos!

Female Congregation: Yeah!

Great God-Fearing Christian: How dareth you maketh a mockeryeth of my noble work...eth? Burn the heretic!

Son of a Dr. Evil 2*(meaning-of-life)+1: *shows pictures of Dawn's various outfits* Yep, they sure are upping the ante on the fanservice.

Great God-Fearing Christian: You see? The clothing clearly designed to attract males to think horrid un-Christian thoughts? Anyone that cannot see this is a blind fool!

"Not-Blind Fool": Sheesh, how the hell are those "pushing it"? Those are just normal outfits to fit the scene. She's even fully clothed in one of them.

Great God-Fearing Christian: You blind fool! You do not realize that they are symbolic of fetish!

Son of a Dr. Evil 2*(meaning-of-life)+1: Say, why doesn't anyone ever complain about Misty's fanservice?

Male Congregation: [lynches Son of a Dr. Evil 2*(meaning-of-life)+1]

Great God-Fearing Christian: The congregation is right to lynch you. Misty never had fanservice. It was never as blatant as what we have now.

V-Shojo Girl: What the heck? Real girls do dress up like Dawn and are as developed as May. You're just being ridiculous.

Great God-Fearing Christian: They aren't wearing outfits clearly designed as fetish.

V-Shojo Girl: What??? You're the one being perverted by paying so much attention to May's breasts and Dawn's skirt.

Son of a Dr. Evil 2*(meaning-of-life)+1: Are you talking to me?

Great God-Fearing Christian: How dare you? I am doing a noble service for the whole of the fandom by addressing the grievous fanservice issue, and you're accusing ME of being perverted? Burn in hell, you damned gender traitor! Burn the heretic!

Emo Kid With Knives: You know what? May could have taken off all her clothes, leaving her completely You-Know-What, and then put on the bikini before we saw her.

Congregation: *stares blankly at Emo Kid*

Emo Kid With Knives: What? It's possible because May is a horrible stereotype.

Member of congregation: That's just wrong. Get out now.

Emo Kid With Knives: Fine, your loss.

Son of a Dr. Evil 2*(meaning-of-life)+1: Since I have no life, I'm just going to post a panty shot that I've been paying way too much attention to. And say, how about a May swimsuit picture to go with it?

Great God-Fearing Christian: The horror! You are a good sir despite having no life for bringing the creators' lack of morals to us.

Friend of Crazy Otaku Girl: Seriously, what's the big deal? May's swimsuit is adorable, and so is Dawn's. There's nothing wrong with these shots. It seems the guys are complaining about it more than the girls.

Great God-Fearing Christian: You're female! You don't know what's right for your own gender! Burn the heretic!

Tsuihō-sareta baka Master: I wonder, how would this congregation react if they watched other visual anime with even more revealing outfits?

Fandom-hating cynic: You know, with the amount of complaints about the fanservice in this fandom, it probably should be renamed "Fan Disservice".

Great God-Fearing Christian: Now that we can all agree on. Council Adjourned.

Yes, it might have been overly long, but seriously, it's called fanservice, not flame-service. The anime is not going to hell in a handbasket with it's so-called fanservice, despite what the fandom seems to think. If I wasn't part of the fandom, I would seriously assume that all the flame-service complainers were Puritan or Amish or something.

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  1. Kasumi's Avatar

    This really brought a smile to my face. The Pokemon fandom is truly crazy.

    The ironic part is, the so-called fanservice in Pokemon is NOTHING compared with shows like Rosario+Vampire.
  2. The Outrage's Avatar
    The only fanservice of all those female protagonists I see are in fan art -_-

    Also, are you sure Great God Fearing Christian wasn't atleast 80% poison insect that matures quickly yet cannot accept that little girls in red shirts mature quickly aswell?
  3. Nando's Avatar
    I don't find this funny, largely because to a significant majority outside of people who get the references, this just furthers the stereotype that all Misty fans are insane.
  4. MetaRobo's Avatar
    Great God-Fearing Christian represents anyone who randomly, viciously, and stupidly complains about May's breasts and Dawn's skirt when there are females running around in bikinis in other anime and video games (especially fighting games and JRPG's), but if you really want names named, it's Dual, the guy who started Bulbagarden's infamous fanservice thread.

    @ Commander Saturn: Oh well, comedy isn't meant to please everyone. I only put the lynching part in because something like that did happen in the fanservice thread, albeit to a much less harsh degree. And like I said, it was meant to target the entire fanbase. Notice I have a less-than-subtle reference to Scott85 (do the math, literally, and add in an Austin Powers reference), primarily because he made a comment about being scared of what the 5th gen girl would look like when May or Dawn aren't even close to other girls in Japanese media.
    Updated 1st November 2008 at 06:49 PM by MetaRobo
  5. Kasumi's Avatar
  6. The Outrage's Avatar
    How about if you make fun of it to make fun of how ridiculous it actually sounds?

    The only problem I have with Dawn's skirt though is that even in her Platinum clothes, she's wearing a jacket but still a mini skirt -_-

    Its more of a practical thing really.
  7. MetaRobo's Avatar
    That is true, but even then, a lot of RPG's I've played had the cast ill-dressed for the weather.
  8. Kasumi's Avatar
    Well, Pokemon has never made much sense clothe wise. If I remember correctly, Snow Way Out had Ash, Misty and Brock going through the snowy mountain in plain clothes. Makes you wonder why Misty didn't freeze her legs out.
  9. Jorah's Avatar
    LOL. I actually lol'd while reading this because I've just been reading through the fan-service thread
  10. Yamato-san's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MetaRobo
    That is true, but even then, a lot of RPG's I've played had the cast ill-dressed for the weather.
    aren't Japanese girls' winter school uniforms like that?


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