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The True Meaning of Friends Lists

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I read a very interesting journal post by a fellow SPPf denizen concerning the friends list.

Before reading this, I never turned down friends requests. I figured it wasn't such a big deal, and I thought I might as well make the newbies feel good. There was that one time I removed a user who was solely doing it to increase his count, but that was a rare occurrence. Now I have begun to reconsider what the friends list really meant, and I decided to prune my SPPf friends list of people that put me on the list for the heck of it. If it was real life, I would prefer a few friends I actually know and trust rather than simply a whole bunch of them that are connected superficially to me, and the list should be the same. I feel that people should be able to remove people from the list without feelings of ill-will towards either side, just as friends drift apart in real life. Besides, if you really only cared about having a huge list of friends, what's one less to you?

In conclusion, think about what the friends list means to you.

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  1. Kthleen's Avatar
    I've recently been thinking the same thing, actually. I still have that "Onoez theyll HAET me D:" thing going on, though, so I'd feel bad, regardless of how I try to justify it. -_-;
  2. Yamato-san's Avatar
    god, I know what you mean. I've gotten a shitload of friend requests on Youtube from people I never heard of before, and my actual friend list there only has about seven people on it (the numerous Youtube users I see with literally hundreds of "friends" are just sad). My friend list on SPPF is somewhat extensive (maybe close to around 50 people), but I've been there for quite a few years (and have been a regular for much of that time), so everyone in my contacts is someone I feel I've had at least some familiarity with in the past.


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