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Crystal Nuzlocke challenge: First Entry

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Welcome to the world of Pokémon!

You know the drill, pick your starter. I happen to love Totodile the most out of all the starters present in Johto so...

Meet Dylan! My Totodile. He has no reference for his name, save for Dylan sounds close to 'dile' as in crocodile.

Moving forward! After claiming the "Mystery Egg" from Mr. Pokémon and receiving the call from Elm, Dylan and I rushed back and met with our rival. Continuing my naming tradition for naming people after attacks...

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Snatch.

After giving Elm the egg, we got the Pokéballs from Elm's assistant and went off to catch the second member of the team.

After taking a few steps... the fates were not kind to me. I encountered...

Using Leer a few times, I managed to catch it without fighting.

Nezumi the Rattata

Nezumi is named after Colonel Nezumi, a Marine Colonel from One Piece.

Note his rat-like appearance! This will do it for tonight. We'll do some training before heading up to Violet City.

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  1. Phoenicks's Avatar
    Agatha Christie will not be pleased.

    (She wants to play Crystal too. ;_;)
  2. Galactic Tomahawk's Avatar
    I'm calling it now, Nezumi's gonna make it all the way through and be a total pro.

    If he dies it's going to be a great tragedy. :(
  3. Jabberwocky's Avatar
    Best Nuzlocke ever.

    Because it uses One Piece names.
  4. Lywrong's Avatar
    nezumi means mouse, yo. also, yaaaay One Piece!


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