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My family tree

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Figured I should do this so I can keep track. Here's my family tree!

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Me Muffinpaula

Skiploom/Enzap: Nephew/Second cousin's brother-in-law
Kuromi: Cousin

EDIT: Apparently the whole family's been disbanded or something because it's too complicated.

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Updated 4th November 2010 at 07:03 PM by fullmetalwooper



  1. Ino-Chan's Avatar

    I married to my master Zwampert.

    Octavia is our ONLY child.

    Learn the RM posts
  2. fullmetalwooper's Avatar
    But... Then... How can Octavia be mah sis?
  3. Ino-Chan's Avatar
    She isn't. She is your auntie.
  4. Zwampert's Avatar
    I'm married? :D
  5. fullmetalwooper's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ino-chan
    She isn't. She is your auntie.
  6. Ino-Chan's Avatar
    Technically Zwamp master dear. therwise, how would we adopt
  7. Kars's Avatar
    where am i?
  8. Kantomasta's Avatar
    what the heck, where did u find this at? lol
  9. Dr. GM's Avatar
    Thanks for including me... X(


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