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EV Training!

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I EV trained my first two Pokemon last night! I was bored and decided to give it a shot, I followed some of the PoTW (Pokemon of The Week) spreads for Nidoking and EV trained him in..

253 Attack/ 169 Sp Attack/ 88 Speed, turns out Nidoking can be the downfall for a wide array of Pokemon given his huge move pool.

2nd Pokemon I EV Trained was Jolteon..
5 HP/253 Sp. Attack/ 252 Speed

So now that I know I can EV train, I'll probably do some more Pokemon I've wanted to EV train for preparation of entering the IPGL.


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  1. Izumi Curtis's Avatar
    congratulations dude!, I know ev training can be hard, I speak from experience, good luck with the ipgl :)
  2. Auxilium's Avatar
    Thanks =D


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