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The Beginning...

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Aka Never let your friends leave you alone at a bar, especially after you've stopped drinking for the night.

So I think I've decided to start a blog that I may or may not update with a decent frequency. I'll probably ramble on about how I hate my job and the random happenings of my day. I will probably also have some sort of little astronomy thing, maybe enlighten anyone who reads this on the universe.

Anyway, onto the topic at hand. Never let your friends leave you at the bar alone, especially when you're done drinking. I ended up going to the bar with a friend of mine to celebrate his parent's 25th wedding anniversary (I've known him and his parents for better than 13 of those years). A bunch of people I don't know were introduced to me, a few ones that were good to joke with, but for the most part none were extremely notable. I knew my two friends were going to run off to another guy's birthday party, but I wasn't in the mood to go over there and deal with that so I decided to stay and chill with his parents and the waitresses that seemed to remember my name >_>;. Though I still had a few more Woodchucks to go after they left with promises of returning soon, I ended up sitting there and watching the few sports games on the TVs. I felt like a lonely raft in the middle of an ocean, as I knew no one really but my friend's parents and I was finishing up with my alcohol for the evening, so I wasn't in any particular mood to go meet the friends of the parents.

Needless to say, after sitting there for two hours or so, friends no where to be seen, I payed my tab and headed out, slightly annoyed. I guess it was my own fault, I should have gone to the other party and watched people be stupid for a few hours instead, but oh well.

Onto a happier Astronomy tidbit.
I did get to sit outside for a bit and chill with a few of the smokers and laugh at their stories, but it was even nicer to look up and see quite a few constellations and the first quarter moon this evening.

If you look up in the night sky pretty much anytime before 2 am you'll see a "star" that is brighter than any other, second only to the moon. That is the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter. It is the second brightest (not including the sun or moon) object in the sky, only passed by Venus, our celestial "sister" planet.

Here is a good image of Jupiter as well as the largest moon in the solar system, Jupiter's moon, Ganymede.

As a final note, I'm thinking of starting an Astronomy Social Group sometime since it appears we don't have one :p

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  1. CuboneKing's Avatar
    I'd join the astronomy social group.


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