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  1. PickleMendip's Avatar
    It's impossible to get these from game shops, because they're from three years ago (!)

    I'm waiting for volume one of the B2W2 game guides. Vol two is the pokedex, vol one is the walkthrough. I didn't really need it but it was cheap and it is bound to list something i've missed (and all adds to the 'collection').
  2. Aezuica's Avatar
    Cool, really nice. I never knew Fletchling was based off of a Japanese bird. Just like how it's stated in the article, it is pretty sad how you can't find a Gale Wings Fletchling, but. That just means that when you try to breed one, it's be worth it.
  3. Aezuica's Avatar
    Nice, I've never ordered anything online before really. If it involves a game, I just go to the local Gamestop, or a place that has what I'm looking for. So, what's this "11th volume" going to be, X/Y?
  4. Tyrfing's Avatar
    I'm a huge Star Wars fan and I didn't even get to think about it once over the course of the day. Now I'm sad.

    I also have a tradition of tearing apart a Lego Jar Jar minifigure every year on this day, but unfortunately, not this time.
  5. graymelancholia's Avatar
    Wow, it's one thing to have to deal with the death of a pet, but to actually have to mop up its own blood is even worse. I can't even imagine how painful that must feel.
  6. Chibster's Avatar
    Oh my gosh I'm so sorry... :(
  7. CrashBash's Avatar
    Oh geesh, that's horrible. D8> I'm so, SO sorry to hear that. Your rabbit didn't deserve to go that way. :(
  8. CynthiaLover's Avatar
    I know what it's like to lose a pet. My deepest condolences and sympathies. May he rest in peace among the stars.
  9. Lysson's Avatar
    That's awful... It's terrible to lose a pet and is especially terrible of it's before their time...
    You have my condolences.
  10. PickleMendip's Avatar
    I want to say something comforting, but there really are no words. I'm very very sad for your loss.
  11. PickleMendip's Avatar
    Mega Probopass with No Guard and Rock/Electric is a nice idea. Not just Zap Cannon but its other STAB would get Stone Edge (a move i rarely use for its inaccuracy). Just wondering if it would be too OP? Not sure since it would still retain a 4x weakness to Ground, unless one equips Magnet Rise (does that take precedent over No Guard?)

    Chargestone cave really is the quintessence of both rock and electric - shame there were no Unova pokemon with this type, but it is one of the areas needed to evolve Nose into Probo. Is this what gave you the idea?
  12. CynthiaLover's Avatar
    I know that feeling all too well. Although in my case it was a leaky roof. Back at my old home, my room was an extension of the house (formally my grandma's room years before that), and the people who did the shingles didn't seal it. So over time my roof started to leak during bad storms. One day, when dad and I got back from an errand, I went into my room, and saw that part of my ceiling had literally ripped open and was dangling over my bed. Seconds later, after informing my dad, that whole section of the ceiling fell down. Thankfully, our insurance covered the damage and my neighbors were contractors and friends (lucky break there), so it got fixed up. But I know that feeling all too well. Nothing ruins a day like a bad leak, especially when it leads to high damage.
  13. Aezuica's Avatar
    Mmm, quite nice. Maybe I should also try using a Leafeon for my walk-through. I just started playing SoulSilver again, so I'm still thinking on a team too use.
  14. Mintaka's Avatar
    I'm more amazed at how that Chansey practically took down two (or even three, considering the third Pokemon that died from Toxic that I can't remember) on its own xDD
  15. Kyriaki's Avatar
    @Mintaka; Oh yeah, that one with the shiny Chansey and the Scolipede. If that Scolipede didn't wake up at the last moment, he would have died.
  16. Mintaka's Avatar
    The last battle of the day was seriously epic even strategy-wise. xD
  17. AgentRosa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jokool
    I watched it on YouTube.
    Yeeeaaaaah... I'm not in support of illegal downloads/uploads/watching.
  18. Tyrfing's Avatar
    Leafeon is my favorite eeveelution by far. So amazing. Mine stayed relevant, even with just Razor Leaf, way into the game, and it became the sole thing alongside my starter that I kept into the Battle Frontier squad. I used it again with its HA in Black 2, post-game, and I accidentally named it the same thing I named it the first time around, which is rather funny. (Mossy, in case you're curious. Yes, I know it sucks.)

    Leafeon is definitely somewhat bad amongst most Grass types, but it still beats Flareon by miles.
  19. jokool's Avatar
    I watched it on YouTube.
  20. PokefanGaming's Avatar
    Mighty No. 9
    Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero
    Other things I am looking forward to:
    DLC and Wii U Port for my second most favorite game of all time. I swear, take a gander at what it is. It isn't like I made multiple blog posts about the darn thing. OH WAIT, I DID.
    That there Lucas DLC for Smash 4.
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