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  1. HumanDawn's Avatar
    I don't think they'll ever increase it. The franchise aims to introduce kids to, and a higher rating would just lower the chances of having their parents buy it. Besides, ratings are for "mature" content like blood which could be triggering and things that could be of a bad influence. I don't think any kid would follow any of the villains' objectives.
  2. Zeb's Avatar
    And make it a major plot twist like you wouldn't believe.
    Considering the idea is brought up by fans every time a new game comes out, it really wouldn't be a plot twist that no one expects at this point.
  3. Infinity Storm's Avatar
    Unfortunately, GameFreak knows its fandom gets hyped really easily, so while I agree that the latter part would make the plot more enjoyable, I don't know that it's likely to occur.

    Beyond that, I personally like the idea of the villain leader being the professor, but if I may, I'd like to take it a step further. I'd love to see a villain team leader who isn't portrayed as nothing more than a villain for the overwhelming majority of their appearances. In almost every in-game instance, the teams are introduced to the player in an almost verbatim manner. First we run into one or two lonely grunts from Team X, who alert the player to the possibility of the team's existence but offer minimal insight into anything about the Team itself. Then we have a few more Grunts in another incident, possibly an Admin, but again, we get little insight beyond the immediate perception of "These are the bad guys. They're nothing but absolute evil" or similar thoughts. My point in all this is that before we ever have even a glimpse at the leader of the team, we already have been subtly led to have strong negative opinions of them. And it's not until nearly the end of the game, usually a mix of during/immediately after the resolution of some massive crisis caused by the actions of Team X (resolved by the player of course), that we are shown them as characters in any light other than ones that directly support the shallow, "this person is evil and can do nothing but evil" perceptions. By having the Leader of Team X be a character that the player already knows, and has grown attached to, you could not only give us an amazing plot twist, but put the player in a situation of beautiful conflict where they actually re-evaluate their perception of this character (since the player would likely have encountered the Leader before but never with a full understanding of who it really was) and possibly feel uneasy about having to fight them as an enemy.

    I will concede that Generations V and VI have done a bit of a better job in deepening their villain characters (I will admit that I don't know Gen V as well as the others, and am planning to play through Pokemon White next weekend to remedy that), but even then it leaves a lot of room for improvement. Therefore, I'd love to see a Team Leader be someone more equally-balanced as a character. Given, a part of me wants to say that having the team leader be the professor would have a few issues to be worked out, mainly ones involving how they'd be available in the post-game, but to be completely fair, there have been a few times where, after nearly destroying the world, the leaders of the various teams are allowed to leave without any repercussions for their crimes, usually under the premise of "they learned their lesson, they'll change." So, all things considered, I agree that this would be a very refreshing change to see in a future Pokemon game.

    (Sorry in advance if this makes no sense. It's late for me, so while it seems to make sense to me now, it's entirely possible that it really doesn't)
  4. AgentRosa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ocelotlrama
    Want something obscure? Remember the Disney versions of What-A-Mess and Marsupilami, Bump in the Night, Bobby's World, and Shnookums and Meat?
    I definitely remember those as well, especially What-A-Mess, Marsupilami, and Bobby's World. I remember the other two as well, but didn't watch them because we weren't allowed to at the time for whatever reason.
  5. Tyrfing's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Dragelsnart
    Thanks for playing :D
    No problem! Sorry about that first Gotta go taunt on Corneria, though. I really though I had to leave, so sorry if it felt like I had tricked you or something. It was a great deal of fun.
  6. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    I got it all planned out provided they are powerful enough. I'd be able to have an empire but keep my justice cred. Everything would be better here within reason. I'd be so happy.
  7. AgentRosa's Avatar
    As creepy and messed up as Cyrus and Ghetsis were(the former being more creepy), I think Lysandre's plan has been by far the darkest plot yet in these games. I was actually surprised that they went that far. Even though I doubt they'll start going far beyond that, it still makes me wonder what exactly they'll come up with next.
  8. henrymidfields's Avatar
    For Gym Leaders/major NPCs that have connections to past regions, could we use past generation music for that? Say the Johto Gym Battle for Valerie, or the Unova Gym Battle for maybe Lt Surge for a future RBY remake? And do a remix of the Gym Music again like in BW2?
  9. Garren's Avatar
    I don't think E10 existed yet when Colosseum came out.

    From what I've heard, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is one of the first games with the E10 rating, which came out a few years after. I'm not sure what game led to the creation of an addition E10 rating to seperate E and T though.
  10. henrymidfields's Avatar
    I think they'll have to start actually show the dark bits (either in the games or in a Zelda/Fire Emblem - Pokemon crossover) to actually qualify for E10. Does anyone know for Pokemon Colosseum in how that rating went?
  11. Zeb's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by BlackOsprey
    @Zeb The post mentioned that the songs would be bought with Pokedollars- the in-game currency- not the real stuff.
    Oops, my bad. Must have read it too fast.
  12. BlackOsprey's Avatar
    @Zeb The post mentioned that the songs would be bought with Pokedollars- the in-game currency- not the real stuff. I like this idea though, could give me something to work for in the game, because I'd like to battle to the Unova Gym Leader theme whenever I want.
  13. BlackOsprey's Avatar
    I think it's clung to its E rating because while the darker themes do exist, the darkest ones- I'm thinking Cyrus's and Ghetsis's schemes- are able to go over younger kids' heads. I have to admit that Cyrus's plans became much more disturbing when I played the games as a I got older.

    Really, I don't think dark story elements have much influence over the ratings as long as they don't involve alcohol, foul language, detailed violence, or suggestive themes of any kind. Mass genocide, destruction of the universe, murdering/psychologically abusing children is fine in a kids' game as long as it's bloodless and disclosed only in the dialogue.
  14. Kyron's Avatar
    Probably not until there's actual blood, swearing, or more revealing outfits on females. By comparison to stuff like EarthBound (Mother 2), it is remarkably tame.
  15. Zeb's Avatar
    I don't think we should have to pay for some of the music if it did exist. I'm not clutching my wallet to my chest or anything, but I don't think Pokemon games need to walk down the path of milking even more money from us fans, we already have enough choices to spend on between all the games, TCG, merch etc. Good idea though, reminds me of the GB sounds from HGSS.
  16. Lyrebird's Avatar
    I wouldn't mind that. I think it could work as a radio pass like you got in GSC when you reached Kanto. Like you get it after completing certain requirements.
  17. Baf's Avatar
    Pretty good idea, I mean it wouldn't be hard to create a playlist randomiser of selected songs on the game. I'd love to expand on this and some sort of battle enhancer that allows you to change how trainer battles are conducted. You can choose the music, the background, opening weather, battle format, etc. GF could be doing so much to change up the formula, but they seem pretty resistant.
  18. Lord Dragelsnart's Avatar
    Thanks for playing :D
  19. Tyrfing's Avatar
    Sorry about the connection bit, I should be able to get on now. One more match, or maybe two, though.
  20. BizarreEeveelution's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Baf
    How do you pronounce Qliphort? I'm reading it as Clip Hort
    Imagine the "Cle" in the word "Clean"

    Now, put it in front of the word "Fort"

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