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  1. ocelotlrama's Avatar
    Very good news that your stepmom caught it early. =) I wish you and your family the best.
  2. Sword Master's Avatar
    I agree with 3/4 of them. Mortdecai is the best movie of 2014 lol
  3. Bolt the Cat's Avatar
    Do you have an alarm clock of any kind?
  4. CynthiaLover's Avatar
    Ah, Tauros, the only Pokemon that prevented me from completing the Pokedex way back in Red, and yet it's one of my favorite Normal-types despite that.
  5. DracoMan's Avatar
    This blog entry is a load of bull.
  6. Lysson's Avatar
    That's really terrible but I'm glad it was caught early and I hope things pick up for you.
  7. Kyriaki's Avatar
    Just to clarify - the Tauros episode did air in South Korea. I remember it clearly because I watched it when I was younger. I don't remember exactly how they dealt with the guns, but I do remember Ash failing to catch other pokemon because Tauros would always storm by whenever he'd throw a ball.
  8. The Fighting Misty's Avatar
    Funny this is its now been almost 13 years since this was posted back in 2012. I for one am shocked how quickly time has passed since the early 2000's. I just can't believe it. The fact that 2005 is now an entire decade ago blows my mind, 2005 feels like just a few years ago to me.

    I mean damn, kids who were literally born in the year 2000 are now 15 year old teens in 2015. Some kids were actually born in the timeframe us older fans entered the pokemon fandom. The passage of time is crazy.
  9. Don's Avatar
    There are on-the-edge of your seat moments with more dramatic music playing as well, those are different from more action-based scenes and are used on very tense moments, the music gets you even more invested in it as you desperately want to see what happens in that very scene you view.

    But that is not type of quiet music TPCI uses, because the majority of the time it doesn't even sound like music. The only good/okay background music I hear from them now in XY is an emotional one.
  10. Ryu Taylor's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Don
    Just for the record; when something sad happens in a show, emotional music playing adds more sadness too it (some people who didn't cry in a upsetting moment in a manga, end up doing so in the anime because of the sad music playing in the background). And when something very huge (an on-the-edge of your seat scene) happens, upbeat music makes it even more exciting. You would not get that same feeling if quiet music played in an action-filled scene now, would you? No you won't.

    When someone says "the music doesn't effect the feeling of the show" that is downright unrealistic.
    The point I was trying to make in this blog is that, in and of itself, I don't think music replacing is a bad thing. As in, the general act of music replacing. Now, if I heard a replacement track that made me feel something other than what the footage was trying to convey, there's where I'd have a problem. I have that problem with music use in general, actually. I'll share an example of an actual experience I had: a friend and I were watching the first Pokemon movie in Japanese, and when this started playing over the scene where Mewtwo's Pokeballs were capturing everyone's Pokemon, we weren't able to take it seriously. I saw my friend start to chuckle a little bit (I swear I'm not making any of this up) at that part. Personally, I've always been able to take that scene more seriously when this played over it (and by the way, I told Dogasu this event in the Diancie thread; just in case anyone reading this recognizes that). It's the one and only dub track from that movie that I considered better than the original. This I felt was equal to this, being as they're both sad tracks. All other tracks I concede to the Japanese version as being better.

    Basically, my personal rule of thumb is that music ought to fit. Remember how horribly "Quest for Camelot" used "The Prayer"? A solemn song like that ought not to be used during a chase scene.

    That's why I understand the attachment people have to the Japanese music; they feel it fits better. I just think that most times, the dub music can catch up and even surpass the original music. And if I ever do come across a glaringly unfitting replacement track in the dub, rest assured I'll let it be known.

    Oh, and as for not getting an edge-of-the-seat feeling from quiet music playing over action, I've even seen that work, albeit rarely (but I haven't yet seen a Pokemon example of that work). When "Avatar - the Last Airbender" went with that motif, I was still invested in Zuko and Azula's Agni Kai when this played over it.
    Updated Yesterday at 06:31 PM by Ryu Taylor (Last paragraph, the one with the AtLA example)
  11. Life's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary!!
  12. Night Sky's Avatar
    Well that was how I ended up getting FE: A, even if the used price at Gamestop wasn't much less expensive than the new price. A lot of my games actually. .w.; I don't think I've bought new in a while.
  13. Norzan's Avatar
    Guess what Konami did for the PC version of MGS 5? The retail version has only the steam installer in the cd. Basically, they are telling you to install steam, insert the cd key there and download a 28 GB game.

  14. Chibster's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary! :D
  15. Yang Xiao Long's Avatar
    BW is a double agent, Thor's absence is... if you've read the comic you know why. Hulk's absence is more interesting.

    Wanda not being in there is also interesting.
  16. returnofmastercrazyhand's Avatar
    yeah, konami is a sinking ship at this point, but MGS V got nearly all 10/10's on review sites.
    I would buy it nonetheless though.
  17. Night Sky's Avatar
    I went through a pretty rough patch myself last year, with both my mother and grandmother passing away in short succession. (Heart attack and cancer respectively.)
    I hope things start to look up for you soon. Sounds like you really need it.
  18. Night Sky's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary. :P
  19. Lysson's Avatar
    That's terrible :( I'm sorry to hear that. I hope life picks up for you.
  20. AgentRosa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Version 1.0
    The fact you're even considering they have a point is laughable.
    The fact that you think I'm actually considering it is laughable.
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