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  1. Who has played Spyro: Yeah Of The Dragon: My Review

    So for those who haven't noticed, i'm going to review lots of different games( mainly ps2 games). Please no negative comments.

    So, who here has played a game called Spyro, year of the dragon?

    Consoles: PS1

    Controls: Wow, before i begin, i would just like to say this game is truly legendary! this is one of my fave games so dont be surprised if the mark is high!

    So the controls. the controls in this game are Perfect. Perfect and simple. Square ...
  2. Who has played Vexx? My review

    OK, i know i did another review today, but i feel like i didnt review Vexx properly. So i have decided to do a decent review on this game

    so, who here has played a game called vexx?

    consoles: Ps2, gamecube, Xbox?

    Controls: Unlike zapper, the controls in vexx are very good. A bit hard to remember at first, but with a bit of practice, you will remember them. you have free movement and the controls will almost always respond properly.

    controls: ...
  3. Who has played zapper? my review

    here is another game i want to point out.

    Who here has played a game called Zapper?

    consoles: ps2, gamecube?, Xbox?

    Controls: HOLY CRAP! the controls in zapper are INCREDIBLY BROKEN! this isn't your regular "free movement" game, were you can move move just about anywhere in any direction. OH NO! you have a pathway you must follow a certain path, with only a forward, backwards and left and right movement.

    LUCKILY! in these reviews, ...
  4. what do you think?

    Ok, i am going back here. back to when a game called Vexx was released for the ps2( along with the gamecube and i think Xbox?) and i find this game to be EXTREMELY CHALLENGING!

    For those who dont know what vexx is, vexx is a Platformer that involves you having to jump across precarious crevices and other stuff like that, in order to reach a heart( also known as a wraithheart). you need a certain amount of hearts in order to reach the next area and finally face off against dark yabu. ...

    Well before i begin this blog i would like to apoligize. in my last blog i said i would blog every sunday. well that obviously failed.

    well anyway, i watched the luigis mansion Lets play( done by chuggaaconroy) and i have all of a sudden like it. so i browsed a bit online about it, and i found some interesting stuff.

    there is 1 pre-played at a store
    it is 59.95$(60$!)

    So i looked up some reviews of it and i read this on most of the reviews: ...
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