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  1. Portal 2 online!!!! PLEASE READ!

    Hey everyone! Me again! Hope your day was good/will be good! I am very eager to play online with someone(anyone!).

    Now for all you Noobs, you must have the following:

    A ps3 and your own copy of Portal 2! (duh)

    a PlayStation network account

    (am i missing anything?)

    so please give me your playstation network ID via pm or by posting in the comments :)

    oh by the way, please read my other blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...
  2. PBR? (pokemon battle revolution)

    Hello everybody! Whats up? Hope you all had the best christmas possible Aswell as getting everything you wanted! ( i know i did!) write in the comments what you got!

    Anyway, what i wanted to know here is does anybody play PBR still? I mean I do, and i love it! If you do, Pm me your friend code or (if you dont mind everyone seeing your friend code) post it in the comments! However, dont expect a match from me for a while (maybe next year?) because im planning on migrating my ruby team ...
  3. CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!


    I honestly can not wait for Christmas this year! I think its cause im getting a new console :) well, thats what i hope.....

    my "wish list" is:

    Portal 2
    ratchet and clank tools of destruction
    Itunes gift card

    we then might be going to a pretty big shopping centre. i have 300 dollers to spend on what i want! should i get pokemon rumble blast? comment ...
  4. HELP!

    Okay guys, i really need your help. first of all, if you don't have a minecraft account( it can be classic) QUIT NOW! you will waste your time.

    okay, i have just made a new server. i want you guys to try it out, because im worried people wont be able to connect.

    it should be called Neo build(freebuild). keep scrolling down slowly so you find it. it isnt to good at the moment and i want you guys to build anything you want here( just dont grief my big creeper)
  5. Who has Played Ratchet And Clank 3 Up Your arsenal: My review( requested by Nour386)

    Here is my review on ratchet and clank 3. Thank you Nour386 for the suggestion. So without a doubt..........

    Who here has played a game called Ratchet And Clank 3 Up your Arsenal?

    Consoles: PS2 and PS2 only

    Controls: The controls in this game are perfect. X is of coarse jump, square is to use your wrench attack, Circle to shoot, and L2 to use crougamech and long jumps. These controls haven't changed since ratchet and clank 1, so fans don't have to ...
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