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  1. It appears it was the destiny of me to write this fic

    New fic, about Cyrus. It's...messed up, but funny. Or funny if you overlook the underlying HOLY CRAP PSYCHO PSYCHO throughout.

    I've been on a major Galactic kick lately and I think I realized why--Cyrus is basically Kefka with a moral center.

    And now that I've put that image in your head, I bid you adieu.
  2. A better class of troll

    Can't my LJ attract a better class of troll than this?

    Anon:Wow, I like how you weren't afraid to cosplay as a female character. More power to you!

    You're one of the better crossplayers I've seen.

    Me: *snicker* Thank you...?

    You know I'm a chick, right?

    Anon: Oh...really?

    It's just I hear your Voice Acting the other day and you sounded like a guy.


    I'm sorry.

    Me: ...
  3. My voices

    A bundle of 'em! Get 'em quick since they're only hosted for a week.

    Anyway, if you want, here's the guide that I put on the Voice Acting Club site:

  4. Jiri is a little brat

    Obsession 18 is go!

    If you haven't read the previous chapters, now you can. Don't be intimidated by the number of chapters; some are less than a page.

    But seriously, this chapter...I try to put Jirarudan in a more sympathetic light in this story, but in this part I wanted to reach into the computer and smack him around. And of course he'd be utterly unaware of *why* because it makes perfect sense to him to be like that.

    ...'course I want to smack him ...
  5. Within My Head

    So here's that edit I tried to show you all before. Timely what? (what is WITH Game Freak and making their bad guys wuss out?)

    Anyway! I've been getting into the band Within Temptation. I first heard their stuff in a Digimon AMV (look up the 02 vid to Stand My Ground, it's awesome).

    But the real reason I pursue it? Because nearly every song they've ever done works perfectly with my original story. It's OUTSTANDING. And I just found "Hand of Sorrow", ...
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