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  1. Pokémon White Walkthrough Part 4: AdveNturous

    After getting the shiny Munna C-Gear, i went on my way, left Striaton City by crossing a lovely garden where i played with my Pokémon, then i arrived at Route 3, there's a Daycare AND a Pre-School here, maybe they ARE teaching Kids how Pokémon lay eggs now...

    i also battled some Pre-Schoolers who had Pokémon (No Kidding, Sherlock), they used the Monkey Trio, Pansage, Panpour and Pansear, yeah, they became Sigfried's breakfast...

    had my first Double Battle (in BW), Evergreen ...
  2. The 3DS safety manual

    You'd better not do any of the following things to your 3DS, or bad things will happen. Bad. Things.

    You have been warned.
  3. My History, Unfinished Business, and Revelations

    Hello. If you're reading this, you either: are pissed at me for taking a hiatus of 3 months, have no idea what's going on, or have nothing better to do. Well since I've been gone for so long, let me re-introduce myself: my (user-)name is I WannaBeTheVeryBest. I've been here since September of 2010. I have better things to do than to waste my time yapping on and on in pointless threads, which is why I have such a low number of posts.

    My only reason for joining was initially to create ...
  4. Thanks, vb4, for sucking so hard

    I'll simplify my feelings in list form.

    Perceived downsides of vb4:
    1. Lay out 30 playing cards in a grid pattern, organized by rank and suit. Take a minute to memorize their placements and admire your work. Then, smash them all into a big pile and expect to get used to the chaos. That's what the new layout is.
    2. My profile looks like an infested creature neatly vomited unwarranted rows of green upon its former image.
    3. My blog looks similar except that the creature ...

    Updated 1st June 2011 at 11:44 PM by Aviator Zero

  5. Space

    Space is really wizard.

    Things that fly are wizard.

    Wizard wizard wizard.
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