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  1. Gen V Pokémon names.

    Didn't Have A Specific Category Where To Post This In, So I Posted Here.

    494 Victini Victini
    495 Snivy Tsutarja
    496 Servine Janobii
    497 Serperior Jaroda
    498 Tepig Pokabu
    499 Pignite Chaobuu
    500 Emboar Emboar
    501 Oshawott Mijumaru
    502 Dewott Futachimaru
    503 Samurott Daikenki
    504 Patrat Minezumi
    505 Watchog Miruhoggu
    506 Lillipup Yooterii
    507 Herdier Haderia
    508 Stoutland ...

    Updated 7th February 2011 at 05:58 PM by Owain

  2. RJW reviews Water Types! Part 10

    Its the 10 entry! w00t!

    Wooper & Quagsire

    Quagsire is a wierd Pokemon when it comes to competetive battles. Its a pokemon that will always remain NU but due to combination of a certain other Water Type's sheer power that only this guy can effectively counter, it finds itself being used in Ubers. I'll get ...
  3. Why do People Despise the new Pokémon's designs?

    I'm Sure you know, or even share the oppinions, that with each new Generatiom, a portion of the fandom, mostly the ones who don't know much about the subject at all, go on a crazed rage criticising the new pokémon's designs, saying things like: ''They are running out of ideas...'', ''They don't feel like the original 151 anymore...'' or ''their horribly designed!, they're not even trying anymore!''; but you know that about some months later they will get used to the new ones, i think it's okay ...
  4. Updates Galore! Well, maybe not galore, but… you know… Some!

    Updætte the Firʃt: If you haven't checked my first installment of Best Designed Pokémon, then get your $#!+ together and go on it right now! The first 20 Pokeymanz have been critiqued.

    Updætte the ʃeconde: Nearly every entry in the aforementioned list has even more Favorite Rendition fanart! You want moar?? I'll give you MOAR!!

    Updætte the Laʃt: The next installment will be posted (unfinished, but with 4 done already) soon. In finishing the first installment, I wanted ...

    Updated 18th February 2011 at 12:16 AM by Aviator Zero

  5. BDP: Spearow-Sandslash

    21. Spearow

    Form: 7. You don't need to know anything about Spearow to think that it's aggressive. You just see its explosive facial feathers, prominent legs and claws, and spread-out tail feathers and assume it is. It seems perfect for flapping at people who come near its nest, pecking them in the head.
    Color: 7. There seem to be two schemes going on: a sideways band going over the back, and a lengthwise ...

    Updated 9th October 2012 at 11:29 AM by Aviator Zero

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