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  1. How to Look Good to Moderators

    1) Complain about infractions. It shows you care about them, and caring about them shows that you try to follow the rules, indirectly showing you're moderator material.

    2) Troll. It gives us a good laugh, and humor is the best way to make new friends!

    3) Flame. It encourages the person to flame back, thereby producing more posts, and raising the amount of activity of the forum!

    4) Double post. The truth is, we don't like the edit button. When you edit ...
  2. I just love tumblr stlye-posts

    At first I was like...

    "Well hello there dears this is my fabulous entrance" in the skype coatroom.

    And everyone was going...


    And I was like...

    Lolno what is this "Cilan" ...
  3. “You don’t know what it’s like.”

    Here's a blog post from Corridor of Words that I thought I might share with you:

    This phrase goes two ways, for the moralizers. As in, they argue either for or against it, depending on the situation.

    One is a response to when people decry the victims of a crime for seeking revenge against the criminal – say, in the case of a murder. They will argue, “you have no right to argue when you yourself have not seen the death of a loved one due to murder.”

    Updated 30th January 2011 at 12:43 AM by Zekurom (Linked to original article >_>)

  4. RJW reviews Water Types! Part 10

    Its the 10 entry! w00t!

    Wooper & Quagsire

    Quagsire is a wierd Pokemon when it comes to competetive battles. Its a pokemon that will always remain NU but due to combination of a certain other Water Type's sheer power that only this guy can effectively counter, it finds itself being used in Ubers. I'll get ...
  5. Why do People Despise the new Pokémon's designs?

    I'm Sure you know, or even share the oppinions, that with each new Generatiom, a portion of the fandom, mostly the ones who don't know much about the subject at all, go on a crazed rage criticising the new pokémon's designs, saying things like: ''They are running out of ideas...'', ''They don't feel like the original 151 anymore...'' or ''their horribly designed!, they're not even trying anymore!''; but you know that about some months later they will get used to the new ones, i think it's okay ...
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