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  1. To my students from the 1-2pm Monday class

    Told ya it was me. ;)
  2. This is why Australian Politics is better than American Politics

    FYI, this played on the Australian ABC (ie. the government funded and owned broadcaster) on Wednesday night.

  3. What I think will really decide where the region is based...

    The debate on if Isshu is based on the Shanghai region or on Manhattan will likely go on for some time yet. A number of people recently have said that they now think it's decided...while I personally think that a lot of people are jumping to conclusions because they're looking at things through the eyes of a Westerner rather than a Japanese person.

    Now, I'm not going to get into an argument on this one. It'd honestly take a lot of time to explain to people without a lot of cultural ...
  4. Utterly mystified

    If there's one thing that's come up in my recent investigations into the complaints made by a certain user, it's this.

    There is a small group of people, some connected to each other, other just lonely individuals, who have issues with members of staff (of unknown validity, as I haven't been able to get actual details of these issues as yet), who don't report them. In fact, more than that. Who refuse to report them.

    For the most part, the reason these users seem to be ...
  5. Oh dear.

    Nintendo E3 Keynote in 5 minutes.
    Twitter has already died to the fail whale.
    Our own load is steadily rising.
    Here's hoping we survive.
    Thank goodness the tech is currently online.
    Pity almost none of the wiki staff are.
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