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  1. Dark Arts Academy- Roleplay- Join now!

    by , 27th May 2012 at 08:44 PM
    I got a new roleplay called the Dark Arts Academy, it's a twist to the other Academies which is usually good people, who fight evil or bad guys. Here's the link: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f425/dark-arts-academy-133268/

    The Academy where it's good to be bad. Come to the dark side, where you get to evil. I want to get this off the ground and I only need a few more students and teachers as well. So please aleast have a look at it (The introduction would be longer but it seems the Bulbagarden ...
  2. Oh my god, I think I have a double standard thing with two girls kissing

    by , 26th May 2012 at 04:49 AM
    Okay first, sorry for a second blog like an hour after the first, last blog for the night I promise, otherwise I am gonna get into trouble for it, and I have to edit the second one if you catch my drift;), I just needed to get this off my mind.

    Arizona Robbins, Callie *Some last name*, Tara McClay, Willow Rosenberg, Santana Lopez, Brittany *Some last name*, Katherine Mayfair and the girl she left the street with. Charlie Buckton, Joey *Some last, Charlie and Joey are girls btw*, hell ...

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  3. Infractions now hey?

    by , 26th May 2012 at 03:18 AM
    I see the new bandwagon. I am bored, annoyed at the world (Does not relate to this blog), I might as well do it.

    I believe I have only ever gotten one infraction here and I thought it was really rather not needed. It was said Flaming/Baiting in the thread called "I am going to call my kid Oshawott" or something like that. From last year which, after asking the mod first I was going to post about and saying I felt it was unfair, but I dunno, I guess I just put it off due ...

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  4. Admit it, you wanted Umbridge dead more then Voldemort

    by , 17th May 2012 at 10:59 PM
    Was just watching Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter) and during the whole time watching it, I remembered an Facebook status like page, that said Admit it, you wanted Umbridge dead more then Voldemort, and I agree haha, so come on, admit it you wanted that psychotic bitch to die more then anyone else in the entire series, of good and bad.

    Also a small tidbit I made up and was just thinking. Ever wonder where Severus Snape and Minerva McGongall are during the important events? ...
  5. Can't believe I am just getting into Harry Potter now

    by , 16th May 2012 at 03:45 AM
    Well, a few months ago I just started reading the Harry Potter books (I was really bored one day, and I was at the shops and wanted to buy something to read. Decided to go for the first book, I had been thinking about reading it for ages before that but never got to it).

    And just yesterday I watched two Harry Potter movies, (I seen some of them last time but not much), got the next two today and watched them again. And I can't believe I took this long getting to it (Story of my life, ...
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