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music = life. don't forget it.

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by , 8th October 2011 at 12:09 AM (238 Views)
Mental breakdown again. I am literally laying in bed with tears streaming down my face and listening to music.

If you tell your friend 'are you still talking about that' regarding something they love, you are DOING FRIENDSHIP WRONG. Unless it's something you really hate and have told them you don't care for it, that's uncalled for. And it seems a lot of my friends are doing this to me. Music is part of who I am. And you wanting me to hide that part of myself around you means you don't care for something that makes me happy. Would you rather I be depressed and sad and whiny? Because you seem to hate that more. You like music too, so I don't know what YOUR friggin deal is.

I deal with your shit. You can deal with mine.

I'll post something positive someday i promise

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    Music is amazing. There's always a song for it, no matter what you're feeling.

    Music = life.
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