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Look at me bothering with things I shouldn't.

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MOAR WHINING YAY but when do I not whine, huh? Ain't that what blogs are for?

I'm just.

I'm so done. I AM DONE.

So I've been very sick the past few days because my body cannot deal with stress and pretty much broke. I sound like a Smoker from Left 4 Dead, I can't even breathe very well and everything hurts. I can barely get up. I've hardly eaten because I'm just not hungry and my stomach feels like it's trying to claw its way out of my gut. But all of that was in my last post.

I've been sobbing off and on because I just feel so bad and so horrible and I'm LONELY AS HELL. The only person who's been home for the week is my zealous-Christian grandma who hates me.

So of course, I call my friend in Chicago to just kinda shoot the breeze and talk about, idk, Pokemon or something, since she was the one supporting me through the Submas issue. She asks why I'm calling, I tell her for no reason, just to talk because I don't feel well. She pretty much says if I have no reason to call, then to not call, and hangs up. WELL THANK YOU. I see we're a good friend.

Call my local friend who said yesterday that she'd come over tonight, which is sort of what I was relying on. She doesn't answer. My buddy Nooblet talks to her on Steam and apparently she can't come over tonight and says how about Friday.


What. THAT DOES NOT HELP. That is a little under a damn WEEK that isn't gonna help me at all. Am I glad she actually said she'd come over? Yes. Am I skeptical that she'll actually stick to her word? Absolutely.

Of course, every time I voice frustration that no one ever comes to see me, I get 'lol stop being so clingy' or 'lol stop whining'. :| I see people who aren't my family maybe once a week if I'm lucky. I cannot work or even drive. My hands, my eyes, my knees and my fears don't allow it. I can only see other people if they take the time to see me. So having people just brush me off like that? NOT doing me any favors. I'm always here when you guys need me. Now it's your goddamn turn.


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  1. The Booty Warrior's Avatar

    I'd like to say someting encouraging, but I don't know what to say except offer my condolences.

    Oh, and this *soft hug*
  2. Eitarou's Avatar

    Uh....I'm not sure what to say...so...

    *Pats you on the back*
  3. Itsuki's Avatar
    Thanks. X3 I just kinda needed to get this all out. Can't use FB and can't use Tumblr for it, so....


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