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  1. Stress'll kill ya, also where the hell is all the Omerta

    by , 19th October 2011 at 06:53 AM
    So the con was great except for the drama that happened. Basically I saw someone I didn't want to be around, I got screamed at and told to deal with it, and so I avoided them. And then I got shit for 'not saying anything'. Whatever, bro. If I get shit for not wanting to cause more drama at a fun event, then you can suck my balls. Get over yourself, haters gonna hate, etc.

    But now of course, I'm sick as hell. Two of my three very best friends hate the shit out of me now and don't want ...
  2. AAC= BEST

    by , 16th October 2011 at 09:34 PM
    Oh my god AAC was AMAZING. I was sick the whole time but I DON'T CARE. Ended up being Chili for Friday and Saturday, but I got too sick to go today, so. :< Pretty sure we don't need vomit cannons in the convention.

    Maybe I'll put up a picture.

    In fact.

    have some swag.

    by , 8th October 2011 at 06:57 PM
    So things seem to be coming together for AAC? Finally. My Pinkie Pie wig got ordered, my Chili wig is getting styled at-con, I just have to hit a couple stores to make the actual outfit for Pinkie Pie.

    I have an idea of what I need for it, so I'll need some fabric paint, a nice medium-length ruffly skirt (light blue or pink depending on what I can find, the shirt will whatever color isn't the skirt) tights, maybe some legwarmers too if I can get some! I intend to put her cutie mark ...
  4. music = life. don't forget it.

    by , 8th October 2011 at 12:09 AM
    Mental breakdown again. I am literally laying in bed with tears streaming down my face and listening to music.

    If you tell your friend 'are you still talking about that' regarding something they love, you are DOING FRIENDSHIP WRONG. Unless it's something you really hate and have told them you don't care for it, that's uncalled for. And it seems a lot of my friends are doing this to me. Music is part of who I am. And you wanting me to hide that part of myself around you means you don't ...
  5. oops I passion'd

    by , 3rd October 2011 at 08:38 PM
    Apparently one of the friends from the other night literally got MAD at me for debating whether or not Cilan having a lot of interests is a good thing. She told me that I need to stop 'getting so hyperdefensive over fictional characters'. .....uh. That's not being hyperdefensive. Going 'OMG CILAN-CHANS IS PERFECT HOW COULD YOU SAY SUCH A THING OMG' would be hyperdefensive. Me saying "Because no one ever has more than one interest" in a sarcastic manner is. wat.jpg

    I've gotten ...
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