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....I see.

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So that situation from AAC got worse. Because of the person who MADE it worse.

According to Nooblet, she made a post on Facebook saying this:

"Posting this cause i cant seem to keep my mouth shut anymore. if you DONT LIKE ME/ want to ignore me/ think im a 'bitch who makes people cry' thats FINE. but DONT try to keep a 'neutral' attitude. Especially when you're CLEARLY choosing a side. im not ASKING for anyone to take my own, im just asking you to have the BALLS to stand by that choice. take me off your pages, defriend me i dont really care. but for the love of GOD dont think im an IDIOT who doesnt see whats going on around here. and i think the people im talking about KNOW who they are, yes? good."

...you're not an idiot who doesn't see what's going on. You're an idiot who INVOLVES HERSELF IN OTHER PEOPLE'S PROBLEMS and SCREAMS at them to the point where they're reduced to TEARS at a convention. Because of something you're not even involved in! This whole situation was between me and Nagi. You took it upon yourself to SCREAM AT ME on her behalf. And then Nagi was civil and nice to me later that day! So I don't know what the fuck your problem is. OF COURSE people are going to try and remain neutral and uninvolved. You are literally forcing people to take sides.

How is it that for once I'm acting like an adult in comparison? ME. :| SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE IF I LOOK LIKE AN ADULT. So "whats going on around here"? What's going on is that you're wrong and everyone's calling you on it. Own up to your stupid mistake instead of digging yourself deeper. AND STOP INVOLVING PEOPLE WHO AREN'T INVOLVED. It's not Nooblet's problem, it's not Chili's problem, and it sure as hell isn't YOUR problem. Get over yourself. What are you, five?

and people wonder why I'm more passionate about fictional characters. LOOK AT THE CALIBER OF PEOPLE I HAVE TO FUCKING DEAL WITH. :/

Apparently this is the only safe haven I have away from her where I can post this, and I needed to get that out. Sorry about that. This whole situation has been making me contemplate...things.

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