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Blackjack Gabbiani

See you next year, everybody!

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No seriously. Going to a con. I'll see you in a few days, which will be next year.

SO LONG 2008 and you can choke on it!

But here's something to amuse yourselves with. Behold! The movie 2 program books!

The Japanese one comes with PAGES OF ADS. It's like "Here's a movie involving a man whose collection drove him to madness! Peruse our merchandise!"

And no, I have no idea why it only talks about two of the film's actors. I mean I can see leaving Lugia's VA out since he worked on the first movie too, but why leave out Melody's VA? Why just Jiri and Slowking? BAAAAAAHHHHH MY HEAD

Anyway see ya.

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  1. Dogasu's Avatar
    "This one's definitely got the power!" Lame -_-

    So Shamouti Island is a "far-flung isle on the very edge of the Orange Islands?" That fits with the Japanese version and all, but in the dub, they say that it's in the center of the archipelago.

    As I read through the program...they sure do try to hammer that "one person can make a difference!" tagline, don't they?

    I might take a crack at translating the message from the producer and the thing from the director later.
  2. Blackjack Gabbiani's Avatar
    I'm always confused about the placement of Shamouti, given that the Japanese version puts it on the edge, the English version puts it in the middle...and then all those maps agree with the English version, even those in Japanese! So what the heck happened?
    I wondered about that when I posted it on WareWaCollector as well.


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