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  1. Dammit Square!

    Salivating over Dissidia all this time has one giant distinct disadvantage (y'know, aside from the fact that I can't play it since I have no PSP), and that's the fact that Square is a bunch of idiots.

    What do I mean by that? Well, they took the best damn villian in the Final Fantasy series, one with a very distinctive character design, and turned him into Dark Knight Joker.

    Square, for pete's sake! If you're going to Jokerize Kefka (more than he was to begin with, anyway), ...
  2. The world is---too damn small! Plus "maternal instinct" makes you stupid

    So I tried to make a photo edit and run them together as a single scene, but when I put them on Photobucket, it resized it something fierce! It's never done that to me before, even with pictures that're larger in data size. This may be the largest in *dimensions* I've put up, but I can't see where that would matter so much, since it's not *obscenely* big--400/2500 isn't ENORMOUS, is it?

    And yet I get this (may contain DP Adventures vol 2 spoilers, but nothing that you wouldn't know ...
  3. I fail as a blonde...

    ...but I rock at finding photo locations.

    Two Dawns, Lance, Yellow, Ash, Red, Rocket Grunt, Cynthia, and Kaede (that's meeee!)
  4. See ya Monday!

    Off to Anime Evolution! Don't wait up!

    ...although holy CRAP, I have to give two presentations in four hours.

    Anyway, if all goes well, I'll be getting some very nice autographs--two VAs from CyberSix will be there. And I love that show. I love it from the cockles of my heart. But hardly anyone in the US has heard of it even though it was on American TV. So while I'm gone, enlighten yourselves!

    Anyway yeah, bye!
  5. ALL BAD GUYS, ALL THE TIME (except maybe Eusine)

    So I sent in the fic submissions to Anime Evolution. I gave 'em Truth, Drop, and Home, and I'll send Stupid, Take, and If I Ever Lose My Faith In You to Kumoricon.

    The last one is the only one not focusing on bad guys, but it's got Eusine being a dick (and...*not* being a dick, what with him being dramatically inconsistant and all) so hey.

    Damn. Two cons in a week and a half. I'm going to be a wreck. But it'll be a blast.

    My Kaede costume is coming ...
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