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  1. If anybody wants to watch a huge collection update

    then go here. It is three videos of opening a huge box full of Pokemon goods. Also you see my parrot because she's contractually obligated to appear in every single video I make.
  2. A Lugia forum skin?

  3. Argh Dissidia

    I've completed the first part with nine of the heroes. Only Warrior of Light remains.
    BUT HE IS THE SLOWEST MOST ABSURDLY PROGRAMMED CHARACTER IN THE GAME. He has ONE attack at this point and it takes about three seconds to go off, so everyone just steps out of his way.

    I'm starting to see far more of the 8-Bit Theater "I Like Swords" version in him than I think Square wants us to.

    Meanwhile Terra, who had a difficulty rating of five stars (basically, ...
  4. No justice

    I get threatened at a light rail station for reminding someone that smoking is against the law there, and somehow I'm the bad guy? Remind me again why no one's developed a system to smack people through the internet.

    Also, remember, giving a damn about someone breaking the law is not only impossible, it's only for white people (seriously, they were trying to insult white people. How is that even an insult? Isn't that insulting ...
  5. Birthday was yesterday

    and I was laid low with what I think was food poisoning from some bad macaroni salad. I'd only had it two days, but who knows how long it'd been out before then (apparently being from a high-end grocery store means nothing). Not to mention severe back pain, caused by...well, remember back in December when I had a really bad cough and it caused intense pain in my back? Turns out that at some point during that, I managed to fracture a rib. So now that acts up every now and then.

    Anyway, ...
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