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Blackjack Gabbiani

Argh Dissidia

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I've completed the first part with nine of the heroes. Only Warrior of Light remains.
BUT HE IS THE SLOWEST MOST ABSURDLY PROGRAMMED CHARACTER IN THE GAME. He has ONE attack at this point and it takes about three seconds to go off, so everyone just steps out of his way.

I'm starting to see far more of the 8-Bit Theater "I Like Swords" version in him than I think Square wants us to.

Meanwhile Terra, who had a difficulty rating of five stars (basically, absurdly difficult), is my best character and she's through Shade Impulse and is about level 45. And I love that her alternate design has her sprite colors, with the distinctly green hair. If you notice, her normal/Amano color is still slightly green, but it's not BRIGHT green like it really should be. In-game should be the default. Otherwise you have blonde Squall and no one wants that.

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