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Septembers are shit. Prove me wrong.

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Whenever something bloody awful happens, I bet £5 on it being in a September, since I'd noticed that it often is. I mean, let's look at September's current track record:

1914. First World War officially begins. Now, you can argue this one either way, since the events that led up to the war begin in late July, with the assassination of Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The actual war itself was declared in September, however.

1939. Second World War begins. Bonus points since it's on September 1st. Whoo. -_-;

2001. 9/11. Enough said.

2006. Steve Irwin dies. What a legend. D=

2008. I wake up one Sunday morning and find out that one of my friends has been stabbed to death (that is all I'm saying on the matter out of respect). The next Monday, I find out about the South Carolina Learjet Crash. Among the injured was Travis Barker, drummer for Blink 182, as well as other bands. Both actually happened last Friday (19th).

Green Day did a song called "Wake Me Up When September Ends", inspired by the memory of Billie Joe's late father, who died in a September (although I can't remember which one).


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  1. The Fake Psychic's Avatar
    Ouch. I never knew Septembers were that bad. My sister was born in September, but that's kind of a personal thing, and you probably don't know me.

    I'm sorry for your loss.


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