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  1. Do people actually click on the links on users' signatures?

  2. Final Fantasy IV The After - "The Return of the Moon"

    That sounds like a bad fanfic title, huh? But! It isn't! It's actually a Japan-only cellphone game sequel to Final Fantasy IV.

    I first found out about this game's existence thanks to an article over on Kotaku about how the game has just celebrated its two millionth download. As I read the article, I was like "waitaminute...DoCoMo 903i...I HAVE THAT!!!" and immediately went to the official website to download it.

    The sequel is an RPG that perfectly replicates ...
  3. Nintendo DSi

    Really wish I had the money to buy one of these right now.

    I feel like a lot of people are being unnecessarily critical of the newest version of the Nintendo DS. The biggest complaint I've seen is the lack of the GBA slot, but I really don't think it's that bit a deal at all. Personally, I've got my DS Lite (which isn't going to suddenly fade out of existence the instant I buy a DSi, contrary to what people on the Internet are acting like will happen), my GBA SP, and, back in the ...
  4. I'll take one Wii hard drive, please.

    I mean...seriously, Nintendo. It's like you don't want our money or something.

    I finally filled up my Wii's memory today, so I'm having to go through and "clean out the fridge." And while I do understand Nintendo's stance that you don't need to have all those games on your system at any one time, it's still bullshit that I have to redownload the games I deleted if I ever do want to play them again.

    I really like my Wii, but things like this are doing a great ...
  5. "Virtual Boy is so advanced it can't be viewed on conventional TV or LCD screens..."

    So I was at a used video game store yesterday and saw a Virtual Boy.

    I almost bought it.

    Like...I've only ever heard bad things about the system. It strains your eyes. It's really uncomfortable to play for any extended periods of time. It runs on SIX double A batteries. There aren't any good games for it. Et cetera, et cetera. But it's one of those things that I kind of want to experience for myself to see just how bad it can really be.

    It's like ...
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