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  1. The games I bought in 2012

    For the fourth year in a row, here's the list of games I got last year.

    Everything here is the Japanese version unless otherwise stated.

    Playsation 3
    Dead Space (I accidentally bought the French version ;_;)
    Dead Space 2
    Biohazard 5 Alternate Edition ("Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition)

    Playstation 3 Downloads
    Brave Fencer Musashi
    Chrono Cross
    Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - Episode II

    Dragon ...
  2. My newest pet peeve

    Dear people of the Internet,

    Please stop referring to the Japanese language with the insulting label "moonspeak." Implying that Japanese people are extraterrestrials whose language is nothing but a garbled mess of inhuman syllables is, quite frankly, offensive.

    "I can't read Japanese" is a much, much better way to get your point across.


  3. Why do people pronounce Pokémon as "Po-kEE-mon?"

    Like, even official sources do this. And it drives me crazy.

    I mean, we wouldn't go around and say we're going to go to a local caf-EE to work on our resu-mEE. Or sau-tEE some onions while listening to the newest Beyon-cEE song. So why do people say Po-kEE-mon?
  4. An interesting theory I came across on the Japanese Internet


    Here's what the top portion of that page says for those of you who don't read Japanese:

    Ghost (Haunter) has a height of 1.6 m and is extremely light, weighing only 0.1 kg.

    When it evolves into Gengar, its weight suddenly shoots up to 40.5 kg.

    Pixy (Clefable) has a height of 1.3 m, a weight of 40 kg, and a body shape similar to Gengar's.

    Therefore, Gengar is a Pixy that's been possessed ...
  5. Why can't people accept that the BW Rocket trio is hopelessly incompetent?

    Seriously, no matter how many incompetent, negligent, or just flat-out dumb stuff the trio does to screw up their missions, everyone still talks as if they got this huge intelligence boost at the beginning of Best Wishes!. The mental gymnastics people have to go through to convince themselves that they're a smarter group of villains now is insane.

    Are people just so used to using "competent" that they've forgotten what the word actually means?
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