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Yeah, I Need to Get a Sense of Humor

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It was Sunday and just after the Packers game when the customer said to me, "I have an important question to ask you." I raise an eyebrow and listen quietly. The customer, an insipid grin on her face says, "So is it safe to go in the liquor store?" She's trying not to laugh at her own "joke".

I suppress a sigh and bite my lip, trying not to say anything that may get me fired. "Yes ma'am," I say evenly. "The shooter has been apprehended and is in jail. It is safe."

Now the customer acts offended. "You need to lighten up," she snaps. "It was just a joke. Get a sense of humor!"

This time, I do sigh. "Ma'am," I say quietly, "I was here that day. I'm still trying to deal with it."

At that, the customer falls silent and walks away. I spend the next several minutes tidying up my lane so I can relax a little. The month has not been kind to us, any of us.

Sharon has been placed back in the ICU, as the doctors believe that she may have a slow bleed that hasn't healed completely. But she is getting stronger and is able to sit up and eat on her own. This is a very minor setback, all things considered.

Justine is still in jail and awaiting a competency hearing. If she is found competent, she will likely be charged and will probably have to stand trial. The gun she used was legally owned and she had a legal concealed carry permit for the state of Wisconsin. She had never been in trouble with the law until August 14th. But the truly sad thing about all this?

Justine honestly believes that after her competency hearing, she'll be able to go home. I hate to say this, but she's in for a severe shock.

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    Send my regards.
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