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Why Bumblebee?

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by , 18th July 2008 at 06:10 PM (287 Views)
This has been popping around in my head for quite sometime now: Out of all the Autobots I could have chosen, why did Bumblebee become my favorite? What did he have that the others didn't?

Think about it. He isn't the strongest of the group. He isn't the tallest of the group. He doesn't have a lot in the way of weaponry. He's small, weak and at times almost completely defenseless. He has a tendency to get in over his head and quite often needs help.

Yet I adore him. Why?

What Bumblebee lacks in strength, he makes up for in loyalty. If you were his friend, you had a friend for life; he would always be there for you. He was never afraid to place himself in mortal danger if you were in need.

Bumblebee was utterly selfless in that regard. When Spike had been captured by the Decepticons in "Transport to Oblivion" it was Bumblebee who rushed in headlong to save him. In "Attack of the Autobots" he refused to back down or give up on Optimus Prime, even though Prime had become evil thanks to Megatron. This was no small feat, since Optimus could have easily injured or killed the little Auotbot without much effort. But Bumblebee's persistance was rewarded: It was he who saved Prime's life. If his friends needed him, he would always be there.

And for that selflessness and loyalty, I adore him. Now and always.

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