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Updates: Large and Small

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by , 22nd August 2013 at 06:20 PM (1123 Views)
Saturday was an early day for me; I went in at eight o'clock and got out at five. But that also meant I would be in the liquor store, the area of the store that had just seen tragedy. I wasn't sure if I wanted to be in there, all things considered. However, there is a part of me that refuses to be intimidated by certain things, so I bit my lip and spent the day behind that counter, telling myself I wouldn't jump at shadows.

For the most part, I didn't.

When Prime picked me up from work, he suggested we hit the nearby Toys R Us and do a bit of shopping. I agreed. Prime was looking for Kre-o, while I was looking for whatever caught my eye. My eye just so happened to be caught by a Black and White Plasma Blast set: the Mind Wipe deck that features Genesect. Upon reading that it had both Golett and Golurk cards, I insisted that I get it. Thankfully, TRU was running a special--buy two decks, get a third free. So we grabbed a couple of different decks, looked around a bit then checked out and headed to Target.

We got home and I put the cards in the bedroom, intending to open at least one of the decks as soon as possible. However, I forgot about them…at least, I did until Monday.

The last several days have been trying for the entirety of my store. We're all upset and on edge. There have been counselors available to us and we have people to call who can help. A couple of other stores in our area have sent flowers and well-wishes; they are much appreciated. But we're still nervous and shockwaves seem to tear through each and every one of us on a daily basis.

-Val, the cashier I saw near the breakroom who had to leave on that awful day, is having difficulties sleeping at night. Even though she saw nothing, she's so upset about what happened that it's taken a toll on her health.

-Joe, our front end manager, is beside himself with guilt. He's the one who told Justine to go give Sharon her break so he feels responsible for what happened even though it truly isn't his fault.

-Paula, one of my fellow cashiers, hasn't been to work since that Wednesday and she may never come back. She was scheduled to work the liquor store that day but had to call in due to illness; she, like Joe, is wracked with guilt.

-Kay, one of our greeters, has kept us informed as to what has been going on but the information she has given us has been chilling to say the least.

-Shannon has been making ribbons and giving them out to fellow associates. She's also taken a "vow of silence" and refuses to talk about that day, either with customers or with any of us. I can't say that I blame her.

-Janet, who works the customer service desk cursed out a customer who smarted off by saying, "What's a good time to shop here and not get shot?" She blatantly told him to "shut the fuck up" and she was not written up by management. Of course, we're all getting tired of the "jokes" some of these customers have been spouting off.

And of course, the most important updates:

-Sharon is off of life support. When she was found by the police and the other first responders, she was soaked in blood and barely conscience. The bullet hit a main artery and she nearly bled to death. She was able to say who shot her: "Justine, Justine." Sharon had to undergo quite a bit of surgery; the bullet also tore through her intestine and is lodged in her pelvis. She was able to speak a little on Saturday and could move one of her toes which is an excellent sign.

-Justine has made two court appearances. Her bail was set at $250,000 which is a quarter of what the prosecution had asked. She probably won't be able to make it, as it seems her house is in foreclosure. When she came to work that Wednesday, she had two guns: a Sig Sauer semi-automatic handgun and a loaded Taurus Rossi .38 Special revolver. She also had extra ammunition for both weapons. It seems Justine was jealous that Sharon had been given easier registers such as the self check-outs and the liquor store; she had also asked her husband, “How many times should you shoot someone if you want to take them down?” His reply was, “Two in the chest and one in the head.” When she shot Sharon, she walked out of the liquor store, told another cashier that Sharon had been shot and stood behind a register as if she had done nothing out of the ordinary.

With this new information, we've all been in a state of shock. Most of us are wondering whether or not she wanted to stop with Sharon or if she wanted to kill everyone on the front end. To say I've been uncomfortable with going to work would be an understatement; I've had nausea on numerous days that I've stepped inside the building. Although I've had no real problems sleeping or any nightmares, I do get skittish when I hear loud noises. While Prime and I watched a Brewers game on Monday, we sat through an outdoor sporting goods store commercial that punctuated their services with shotgun blasts. I got so edgy that Prime switched to a different station for a few moments. Thankfully, I can lean on Prime and I do have other ways to cope…

I handed the Mind Wipe deck to Prime and asked him if he could open it. He did and carefully pulled the cards out, showing them off before handing me the deck. I grinned at the cute but tough little Golett illustration and fawned over the mighty Golurk--probably Shauntal's--who was in his flight mode. One of the Golurk's attacks just screamed awesome: Iron Fist of Justice and I spent a good while crowing over it.

Prime smiled. "Feel better?" he asked.

"Yeah," I replied, cradling my new cards. "Yeah, I do."

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    At least Sharon's getting better.

    Also, I should get more into trading cards. My bro and I used to have Yu-Gi-Oh cards until our interest faded. He also had Magic the Gathering at some point. Now, he has a large collection of Kaijudo cards. He is pretty good with them, and he even took part in some Kaijudo tournaments--and won one. As for Pokémon cards, the only one we ever owned was included with the first Pokémon movie. Been a while since we had it.


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