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Transform and Roll Out!

Nothing Important Happened Today...

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DA called around 4:15. We said hi and I was expecting a status update, which I've been getting pretty much all day.

I wasn't expecting him to tell me to hang on for a moment. And I wasn't expecting to hear a British man say "Hello" to me.

My heart skipped a beat when I realized who was speaking.

It was Mark Ryan.

He asked if I had ever been to anything like SDCC and I told him I had gone to BotCon but that was so much smaller than Comic-Con. He said that DA had told him that I was quite the Bumblebee fan. He said he liked the character too.

He actually got the role after filming was done; he was asked if Michael Bay could use the lines he spoke for Bumblebee and he honestly didn't remembering doing any. They played him a recording of those two lines. He then remembered and said yes.

Mr. Ryan said he hasn't been invited to BotCon yet, but he would like to go if the invitation was extended. He said he didn't mind making a fool of himself in front of a crowd again. I said if he could stand the likes of me, it'd be great. He said he could.

I thanked him profusely and told him I was honored to speak to him. When DA hopped on the line, I must have thanked him about 30 times!

The next time I see DA, he's getting an extra big hug. I hope he knows just how much I appreciate what he did for me today. I'll be a hyper little nerd for the next few weeks!

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