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Transform and Roll Out!

My Store Sucks!

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On September 5, Wal-Marts in the US were supposed to get a nice, big pallet of Bumblebee three packs called "The Legacy of Bumblebee". Well, as it turns out, only certain stores got the three packs.

And mine wasn't one of them. No pallet of awesome for me.

Thankfully there are other Wal-Marts in my area. It still burns me a bit, though.

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  1. Quartzthyst's Avatar
    Hehe, I'm waiting for it to hit Canada. Did you get the three pack yet? I really need that Classics BB. .
  2. Silverwynde's Avatar
    Yeah, I got him, thankfully. I just wish it would have shown up in a local store rather than at one that was 20 minutes away.

    The artwork on that pallet made me drool. So cute...
  3. Quartzthyst's Avatar
    Hehe, I can't wait to pick mine up, like I said before..

    I hate store-exclusives.. especially Wal-Mart as they allude me all time.
  4. Silverwynde's Avatar
    What scares me are the K-Mart exclusive mini-cons since we don't have many around here. I'm hoping we'll luck out though.


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