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Transform and Roll Out!

Live from WI!

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It's Dairycon 2009!

I'm actually at the Ramada as I type this; they have a 24 hour business center with net access. Been having a pretty good time-- today was the tour, where we got to tour a classic car collector's garage. Man oh man, did he ever have some really nice cars. Saw a GTO that my dad would have flipped for and at least two Corvettes that one of my friends in NC would have salivated over.
I've got some video of the place; I may try and post it somewhere later.

After our tour, we headed back to our meeting point (the Ramada) and the early dealer room set-up began. Prime and I pretty much have our tables set up for tomorrow, which takes a load off of our minds. Right now there's some gaming going on; since I suck so hard at games (video or otherwise), I decided I sneak out for a few minutes and make a quick post.

All in all, it's been pretty fun. I can hardly wait until tomorrow when the real fun begins. Must buy.... multiple Bumblebees...

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