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Transform and Roll Out!

A little bit of Transformers, a little bit of Pokemon and a lot of geeking out.

  1. Critical Mass

    (I'm trying to get back into this--if I'm lucky I'll be updating a few times a week. Wish me luck here.)

    Dear heavens, I am running out of room. I'm very serious here: I have a grand total of 17 or so available box spaces on my PC system in Black. When they're filled, what the heck am I supposed to do?

    I'd been hoping to hold out until October, so I could transfer my boxes of shinies and some 'Dex fillers to Black 2 and call it good. It would have taken some ...
    Golett , Golurk , Pokemon
  2. It Just Now Hit Me...

    I've been on this forum for nearly five years and I've only recently been using any Pokemon related avatars. Everything I've ever used up until a couple of months ago has been Transformer related and all of them have been Bumblebee. Now I'm using either Golett or Golurk as an avatar.

    I guess this makes it official: Golett and Golurk now completely rule my (Poké)life. Not that I'm complaining about that, mind you.
    Golett , Golurk , Pokemon
  3. Depressed

    Prince Fielder signed with the Tigers. I was really hoping we'd keep Prince here in Milwaukee for another year or so, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

    So now I'm watching MLB network and kinda wanting to cry. Good luck, Prince. we're gonna miss you here in Brew City. =/
    General Slag
  4. I Hate Poke Transfer

    Seriously, I do. I always have Prime deal with it because my aim sucks. If the smaller Pokemon aren't hiding, then I let go of the ball too early or too late. But this morning, I was pretty much forced to use it; somebody had a shiny Golurk up on GTS and they wanted a Deoxys. Since I had none on Black, guess what I had to do?

    I had to do the Transfer. And I sucked at it. Majorly. I only caught two of the six Pokemon I sent over. The others went back to Diamond and I'll have to try ...
    Golurk , Pokemon
  5. Trying To Get Back to "Normal"

    The last three weeks have been insane.

    Back in mid-May, I got slammed with food poisoning. I was so ill that I had to call into work and spent a day in bed, wishing that my stomach would stop doing backflips. Eventually it did, but if you have food poisoning, your body will find a way of ridding itself of the toxin(s). Mine did. It was less than pleasant. In fact, it was painful as slag.

    A couple of days after that, we lost the Wi-Fi. So I haven't been doing my rescues. ...
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