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Transform and Roll Out!

I Want a Dream Worlder.....

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September 18, 2012

Another day, another Golett check. Only the one that catches my eye is Japanese and level 10. I raise an eyebrow. Do I dare hope?

Now, before you ask, I've already been able to score three DW Goletts via GTS. Two were tough trades, as the Trainers in question both asked for a Landorus. The third was an easy score: a Ditto for said Golett. This one will be a hair more difficult--the asking price is a Thundurus and I have none to spare. So, it's raiding the GTS I go.

My luck takes a turn for the better, as someone named Kikyo is offering one for a Kyogre. Unfortunately, I am Kyogre-less on Black, but have a spare on my Pearl. Get to the Transfer point, stat!

It was almost too easy a Transfer; Kyogre was the first Pokemon to pop out and I caught it without any trouble. So I sat back and kept randomly firing off Poke Balls to let the time run out. Not a great idea, I discovered as I accidentally caught an unwanted Weedle. Oh well, it was sent over to be dumped anyway. No harm, no foul.

With the Kyogre in hand, I grab the Thundurus, hunt down the Golett and trade. The moment I get it, I check and oh yes, it is another Dream Worlder. Welcome home, number four!

This little guy, along with its brethren, will be traded to Black 2 immediately. Them, my Golurk Riser, my shiny Golett Guardian and his parents along with the six boxes of shinies are coming with me. The rest of the PC on B2 will be used as storage space for other Pokemon; I have every intention of completing the National Dex and getting the Shiny Charm.

A bit over two weeks to go. I have very little room on Black and almost none on White. Here's hoping I can make it until October 7th. But if someone leaves another shiny or Dream Worlder, I'll still drop everything to get them. Sacrifices must be made and all that.

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  1. Miles101's Avatar
    Congrats :D You seem to have a nice army going there~
    Perhaps I shall start my own army of my favorite Pokémon. Dittos unite! With their Dream World ability I bet a Ditto would actually be an unusual but useful addition to a team, as well.
    Anyways, good luck with any continued Golett searches!
  2. Silverwynde's Avatar

    You know, I'd love it if Ditto was released with its DW Ability. I'd probably nab a few of them, just because.

    And yeah, I have a pretty big army; it seems to get bigger everyday. XD
  3. Dolce's Avatar
    Wow nice find. xD
  4. Silverwynde's Avatar
    Hey, thanks!

    I do look for the little guys; if something catches my eye, I go after it. It surprises me what people put up on GTS.


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