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Transform and Roll Out!

I Hate Poke Transfer

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Seriously, I do. I always have Prime deal with it because my aim sucks. If the smaller Pokemon aren't hiding, then I let go of the ball too early or too late. But this morning, I was pretty much forced to use it; somebody had a shiny Golurk up on GTS and they wanted a Deoxys. Since I had none on Black, guess what I had to do?

I had to do the Transfer. And I sucked at it. Majorly. I only caught two of the six Pokemon I sent over. The others went back to Diamond and I'll have to try for them later. But at least I got the Deoxys I needed, so now I have a brand new shiny Golurk. That makes number 38. Or is it 39?

...geez, I have so many shiny Goletts/Golurks that I'm losing count. Sure sign I have no life.

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  1. The Knights of Wario Land's Avatar
    I officially pronounce you the biggest Golett/Golurk fan who has ever lived.
  2. FinalArcadia's Avatar
    Haha, I actually enjoy Poke Transfer! But wow, so many Golurks...Do you nickname all of them? It seems like it'd be really hard to come up with that many names.
  3. Ino-Chan's Avatar
    I now want a shiny Golett
  4. Glitchipedia's Avatar
    ....you traded a Deoxys for a shiny Golurk?

    Dude, you got ripped off.
  5. Space Opera's Avatar
    I wouldn't say she got ripped off. She traded something for her favourite Pokémon (well, I assume it's your favourite, anyway), and seems perfectly happy about it. Big deal that she had to trade a Deoxys for it.
  6. Pyradox's Avatar
    ... and it's shiny. Shiny.
  7. Mumzy's Avatar
    What's awful is having to empty out all your boxes and go through well over 100 Pokemon! I will kill whoever invented the mini-game.
    I hope you like your Pokemon!!
  8. Silverwynde's Avatar
    Yeah, whoever came up with this thing hates me. I have horrible aim. >.<

    But I do it for the shinies. XD


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