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Transform and Roll Out!

The Further Adventures of a Golett Loving Girl in Unova! Part 6

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The Fourth Man

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Previously on Cybertron in Unova:

After sweeping the Driftveil Tourney with her loyal Dogū, Silvy runs into Cobalion, who blocks her way, bellows and runs off. A Plasma sage, along with an Old Man recommend catching the beast, but Silvy isn't so sure...

November 14, 2012 (Day 39):

After some level grinding, I decide that it's time to hit Chargestone Cave. At first, I'm tempted to load myself down with a Repel but I decide against it. This turns out to be a great idea; halfway through my cave crawl I run into N's Klink. I weaken it, pitch a Ball at it and catch it, easy as pie. But as I'm wandering across a bridge on my way to Mistralton, I overhear someone mumbling about how this cave is perfect for them. Since I don't see a face, I have no idea who it may be, so I shrug and get on with my life. A few moments later, I arrive in Mistralton.

November 20, 2012 (Day 45):

I take my time level grinding my team and with good reason: I have a new member. Two days before, I have to go on another rescue--someone was offering up a shiny Golett for a Mismagius. I knew I had one on a Fourth Gen game, I just wasn't sure as to which. But it turned out to be on my copy of Pearl. Since I had to do another Poké Transfer, I had to choose five others to make the trip to my copy of Black. As I picked through my PC, I spotted a lonely little Chimchar who had been waiting to be trained for the last four years. His name is Convoy and something told me to take him. After finding four others, I did the Transfer, traded to Black 2 and got my new shiny.

I also sent over the Chimchar. He took the spot that was vacated by Ruki. So I needed to grind for a bit to get the little guy in line with everyone else. It was well worth the effort, as he turned out to be a murderer.

Skyla's gym wasn't as annoying this time around as it had been in Black; it took around five minutes to maneuver through and finally get to her. Her team wasn't all that difficult either, as Loki and Convoy took everything out. The battle, an anti-climactic affair, was over in two minutes. But I got my Badge, got blown out of the building and was promptly dragged off to Lentimas Town. After figuring out that this has got to be the most boring area of Unova, I figure I should blow this Popsicle stand and head on over to Lacunosa.

November 25, 2012 (Day 50):

I run into Cobalion on Route 13 but decide to leave him there; I already have his Dex info and I figure it may be best to try and catch him after the E4. At that point, I'll be able to hold on and reset for a shiny, if I so desire. So I sidestep the critter and head to Lacunosa Town.

I get treated to the story of Kyurem while I'm there and the original two Dragons are mentioned as well. The good Professor thinks I should chat with Drayden about this and tells me to head to Opelucid City. Fine by me, as Lacunosa Town kinda creeps me the heck out.

November 26, 2012 (Day 51):

I head to Opelucid via the Village Bridge, which still has that lovely music. As I near my destination, Virizion jumps in front of me; again, I leave him for later. I have his info and I'd rather try and get myself a shiny. Once I reach Opelucid, I run into Iris who mentions that Drayden is her grandfather but not really as they aren't related.

She also tells me to head to Route 9. Great, I'm being blocked again, aren't I?
Oh well, no matter. There's a shopping mall on that route so I can bow some cash. Which I do, after beating the living slag out of every Trainer there. Since that's over with, it's time to kill me some Dragons!

The rookies were no real problem--since Dogū knows Ice Punch he had a field day. Once I got to Drayden, I saved and faced him, bracing for the worst again.

I don't know why I do that: Dogū can hold his own and he did it quite well. Drayden's first choice was a Druddigon, which was laid out by an Ice Puch. His second was a Flygon, which fell to Starfire's Ice Beam. The last Dragon I faced was a Haxorus. I call Dogū again and he preps an Ice Punch, but not before Drayden gets his Dragon to pull a Dragon Dance. But in the end, it doesn't matter; Dogū is too strong for Drayden's final Pokémon and we when the battle and Badge. Of course, I owe most of this to Dogū, who is now sitting pretty at level 60. Yes, he is one spoiled Golurk!

Once we've finished in the Gym, I get to go hear the story of the Dragons and the Heroes again and I'm told about the DNA Splicers, which happen to be as old as the Dragonspiral Tower(!). It seems that these have been passed down in Drayden's family and he's been keeping them safe. Then....KA-BOOM!

We run outside and see the Plasma Frigate flying through the air and farting out giant hunks of ice. Drayden tries to get his Haxorus to slice the crap apart and gets no where. Then someone tells us that this won't work; the ice won't be broken or melted. It's a freezing cold Zinzolin, who's probably suffering from reverse puberty. He explains that Plasma created this indestructible stuff thanks to a secret weapon and by the way, give up the Splicers. Of course, Drayden says no and since Team Plasma can't fart out more of this freezing crap, Zinzolin and the rest start looking for them. Now I have to drive out the vermin. Not much of a challenge, considering my party.

I chase down and pound the Grunts into Grunt Pudding--it's crap flavored, in case you were wondering--and find Zinzolin standing in front of the Gym. He complains about the cold and challenges me to a battle which I accept. I let Dogū take out the Cyrogonal as he could use the boost in Special Defense and Convoy gets to burn Zinzolin's Weavile to a crisp. Again, another easy battle. I get the Splicer from Drayden then the Shadow Triad appears and boasts that they've robbed the Gym. So guess who I have to pursue and punish? Oh yeah, the Triad, natch. I find one, beat the living slag out of him and then hear that he was a cover, Team Plasma has the Splicers and can only watch as they go dashing off into the night.


Cheren and Rage Boy show up; I get to head to Undella and take the Marine Tube to Humilau City. Rage Boy is there and he tells me to take the Gym challenge. I head out to the docks and I'm told by a by-stander that Marlon likes to do whatever he wants and sure enough, he jumps out of the water. Seems he was swimming with the fishies and lost track of time but he'll be ready whenever I am.

Therein lies the problem.

I know that Loki is ready; this will be his battle. But I look at my Pokédex and realize something--I am very close to finishing out the Unova Dex. I have a grand total of 27 entries left and I will be done. That is doable with some work. So do I take the easy path and go for the Gym or do I stay put and complete the Dex before I get my last Badge as I had planned?

I sigh. The Gym can wait. The Dex comes first. Now I just have to figure out which critters I'm missing here....


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