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Transform and Roll Out!

The Further Adventures of a Golett Loving Girl in Unova! Part 5

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The First Rule of the Driftveil Tourney...

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Previously in Unova:

When we last saw Silvy, she was about to level grind and undertake the (not so) biggest challenge of her life--the Driftveil Tournament. But her precious Pokémon were only in the lower forties and she wasn't sure if they quite ready for these battles...

November 7, 2012 (Day 32):

Since Dogū evolved, I worked on the rest of my team for a bit; once they hit 45 I figured I was good for the Tournament. But since I'm a total coward--and because I wanted a slight change of pace--I hit Poké Star Studios and shot a few more films. Since I didn't have access to any more of the Brycenman scripts, I went for the Invaders series.

Don't let those films fool you: the first few reels are easy but the last one can be a killer. It took at least six tries before I could finally complete the last scene with the good ending using my Rentals. If the Emolga, who was 20+ levels ahead of my group, wasn't getting critical hits, then the set piece was causing my Rentals to flinch or faint. So much for this being relaxing.

It was worth the effort, however. I got two Medals out of the deal and I was able to go back and re-shoot the first episode of Invaders. I put in Dogū and aimed for the strange ending. Now when my sweet Dogū enters a battle, he has a star popping out over his head! He totally earned it, believe me. This seemed like a good place to rest, so I headed to Driftveil and saved up. The Tournament was waiting for me.

November 8, 2012 (Day 33):

My heart is pounding as I head to the reception counter; I've never done anything even close to this so I have no idea what to expect. I enter the Driftveil Tourney and I'm asked to chose my team. My lead is Dogū, followed by Loki, then Ruki. Prima is forced to sit this one out, but I figure that everything will be all right. I have Dogū and he's been my powerhouse, even more than Loki. I've loaded everyone down with Berries and I've saved beforehand so I'm prepared for anything. Now all I have to do is walk through the door and start.

My first opponent is Rage Boy and he sends out his Servine. Out comes Dogū and he uses Ice Punch. Servine falls in one blow. Next up is Rage Boy's Simisear, which is KO'd by an Earthquake. Down to his last, he sends out a Tranquill, which is laid out by another Ice Punch.

Dogū wins!

My second opponent is Cheren and to my delight, the Gym Leader music starts playing. Just hearing that melody gets me pumped, so I'm now I'm ready for anything. Cheren sends out his Stoutland which falls to Dogū's DynamicPunch. He sends out a Watchog who falls to the same attack. The final member of Cheren's team, a Cinccino, is sent out and is promptly greeted with a DynamicPunch. A one-two-three inning for me.

Again, Dogū wins!

By now, the final round has been determined--it's Colress versus yours truly. I get to face Mr. Freaky Hairdon't and his freakier Pokémon. Well, isn't that just special? I'm not expecting this to be easy, so I steel myself for the absolute worst.

The worst doesn't happen.

The first Pokémon Dogū and I face is a Magneton; with one Earthquake it's down. The second is an Elgyem, which is promptly Shadow Punched into oblivion. The third and final is a Klink which is defeated by an Earthquake.

Dogū wins the Driftveil Tourney in an epic sweep! Silvy squeals with happiness and hugs her dear, sweet ghost-bot. I didn't even need the others, really. All I needed was Dogū.

Once we're done with the Tourney, I leave and run into Cheren and Rage Boy on the way out. Cheren comments how we've changed so much since we last battled...and then a Neo-Team Plasma grunt goes running by. This sets off Rage Boy and he gives chase. Cheren follows. Colress thinks that we're all taking an unnecessary risk. 'Sigh.' Yeah we probably are, Mr. Hairdon't but hey, I gotta go help my friends. So I too, head off in the direction of the Driftveil Docks in order to prevent Rage Boy from getting creamed.

I find the Plasma Frigate and board, then proceed to make each and every Plasma grunt want to go home, crying to their mommies. Once I help Rage Boy and Cheren own the grunts they're facing, out comes Sage Zinzolin. He mentions how Team Plasma is going to use a Legendary Dragon to take over Unova, then he yells for the Shadow Triad to get us off the boat. So we're unceremoniously left on the docks as the ship disappears.


Cheren mentions that Zekrom and Reshiram aren't in Unova anymore so what exactly was Zinzolin yammering about? I already have a pretty good idea who the Sage was referring to but I kept my mouth shut. Instead, I part ways with the group and head over to Route 6. When I get there, I run into Cheren again and he wants to talk to me.

I head into the Seasons Lab and he tells me that something happened. Lacunosa Town's temperature dropped frightfully low, as in -58 degrees! The same thing happened in Castelia and Driftveil as well. Although it was brief and it's over now, Cheren finds it troubling. What could have caused it? Again, I know the answer--it's no real surprise when I think about it--but I just nod and take the Surf HM that Cheren hands me then head off to Chargestone Cave. But as I head across the little wooden bridge to reach the cave, I stop short.

Oh hai there Cobalion!

He blocks my way for a bit, gives a cry then scurries off. Rood and an Elderly Man approach me: the Elderly Man tells the story of the Swordsmen while Rood wonders why it's patrolling Unova. Rood wonders why he popped up in front of me; did Cobalion need my help? Well, whatever the reason, the two urge me to befriend it, as it may be of use on my journey.

Good idea and seeing as how I have quite a few Master Balls, it can be done. But for now, I intend to level grind a bit more. Sure, I'm at level 45 but I'm thinking I need to be closer to level 50 or higher for the next few challenges.

This is going to be a long few days.


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