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Transform and Roll Out!

The Further Adventures of a Golett Loving Girl in Unova! Part 2

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Just Deserts

Part One

Previously on X-Men in Black 2:

When we last saw Silvy, she had two Badges to her name and was being forcibly dragged into the city sewer system of Castelia City, looking for Team Plasma. With her trusty rival and sidekick, Rage Boy, at her side, she faced the unknown dangers (and smells!) that may await her...

October 10, 2012 (Day Four):

As we climb through the delightful and ever-so pleasant area known as the Castelia City sewage system, my mind goes from "Wow, what an interesting smell we've discovered" to "Please let that be a candy bar that just floated by". Thankfully, I don't have to worry about healing my Pokémon; Rage Boy has stepped up and said he'd take care of everything. So we wander around, run into wild Pokémon and try to track down the elusive Team Plasma. It's here in the sewers that I get my first two critical captures--both are on Rattata, so I'm not sure if I can be proud of that.

We run into Trainers, a Scientist who has manufactured a Super Potion from Pokémon venom, a Janitor who wants to clean my clock and more Zubat and Rattata than should be allowed by law. After scouring the area for items, EXP and cash, we find Team Plasma.

It was an easy battle and once we had taken care of business, Burgh showed up and told us that there was no one else down there. But not five seconds later, out steps another freak, with the strangest hairdo I've ever seen. He compliments us on the battle and leaves. All I can think is, "Dude, your barber. Fire him, 'kay?" Once the weirdo leaves, we leave the sewer and now, I can battle Burgh for Badge number 3.

The thing is, I don't. At least not immediately.

As crazy as it sounds, I go back into the sewer and catch a few more Pokémon then head to a staircase that had been previously blocked by someone who had dropped "something". Whatever it was, I hope he found and I hope for his sake, it wasn't a contact lens. When I climbed the stairs and reached the surface, I was treated to a nice little park that held a Miracle Seed and some Pokémon. Sure, a few were the usual tossers, but I also found a Cottonee and two Eevee brothers that I was able to capture. However, I will be forced to go back--I need another Cottonee, it would seem.

After those catches, I headed back to the Pokémon Center, healed up and decided to give my guys a well deserved rest.

October 11, 2012 (Day Five):

Once I get to the Pokémon Center and heal up, I use a few of my newly acquired tossers to trade with my copy of Black. I take the items from the newbies then release them all, except for a single Deoxys. I had already been on GTS earlier in the day and had spotted a shiny Golurk in Spain. The big fella could make for my first rescue and could also net me the Mail Medal. At least, it could if it were still there.

To my relief, the Golurk is still there, so I make the trade.

I had all ideas the poor guy was a hackjob, but to me it didn't matter. A shiny is a shiny, especially if it's a Golett or a Golurk. After safely tucking the big fella into a cozy PC box, I gather the rest of my team and decide to head off, my sights on the desert and some training.

The moment I step out onto Route 4, I run into Pokémon Breeder Irene. She battles me, I beat the heck out of her team and she proceeds to tell me that she'll challenge me each and every time we run into each other. I raise an eyebrow when I hear this, head back to Castelia then return to Route 4. Sure enough, Irene challenges me again. So I spend some time racing back and fourth between the Pokémon Center and Route 4. Although her team is pretty weak as compared to mine, I still keep spamming her for battles. A Trainer's Pokémon is worth more EXP than most wild Pokémon, so it doesn't take me long to level up my team.

Even though I don't have a reliable Fire type, I figure that I can still win against Burgh. Ruki's still a monster and Prima's a good back up man. Loki could do in a pinch but I refuse to use Dogū, as I'll be facing half Grass types. I don't really mind putting Prima in harm's way, but I refuse to do that to Dogū. This isn't the little guy's fight, anyway; I want him ready and willing to take on Elesa when we finally get to Nimbasa.

Burgh's Gym had changed and I really wasn't sure if I liked it--the cocoons and the webbing were just weird. But after battling every clown in the building--have I mentioned that I hate clowns?--I get to Burgh and we battle.

I use my Lucario against his Swadloon and try to take down his Leavanny with my Elekid, but Leavanny scores a critical hit and KO's poor Loki. So I'm back to using Ruki again and he manages to win. Then comes Burgh's Dwebble.

Immediately, I send out Prima and start hitting it with Razor Shell, but since it has Sturdy it doesn't go down easily. But after a few hits, Dwebble's down and I've won the Insect Badge. This is rather significant, as this is the first Badge that my Starter has won. The prior two were earned by my Lucario Ruki. After accepting Burgh's TM and healing up, I grab some ice cream from the Casteliacone vendor and head to Route 4 again. Only before I get there, I'm stopped.

Oh, hi there, freaky guy with the really bad hairdo! How have you been?

He introduces himself as Colress, looks at my Pokémon and says he'll battle me at Route 4. Sure, fine, whatever. I head to Route 4 and after handing Irene her skidplate yet again, I take on Colress. It's an easy win for me and after we're done, he wakes up the Crustle that were blocking the way to the Desert Resort and Nimbasa City. I watch the freak wander on then continue on my way.

Route 4 has changed quite a bit: there are now buildings there as well as people. I dash in and out of said buildings, talking to everyone I can and earn a free Poké Toy by correctly answering the Mimic. (It was an easy cry to recognize; I don't think I'd ever forget what a Golett sounds like!) After that, I head into the desert area, battle a few of the Trainers there, grab some items and head for the Resort.

Wisely, before I head into the darker patches of sand, I save. As I wander around, I run into a wild(?) level 35 Darmanitan that sparkles at me. I already know the story behind this guy so I try like crazy to capture it and fail miserably. The stupid Sandstorm conditions in the Desert take it out. Irritated, I reset the game and look around again. This time, I find a wild(?) Sandile that sparkles, so I try to catch it and again, I fail. Shutting off the game again, I restart my search and find a wild(?) Darumaka. This time, the catch is successful.

It is as I had expected--this is one of N's Pokémon.

I heal up, save and begin searching again. I find a wild(?) Sigilyph and try to take it down to the red; it's all but impossible as the creature knocks out two of my team and is about to wipe out a third. But I've been throwing Great Balls at it and thankfully, one manages to capture it. So now I have two of them.

Two down, three to go. So instead of being up to my tail in filthy water, I'm now up to my tail in sand. I wonder how long this is going to take...


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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    Rage Boy, LOL.
  2. System Error's Avatar
    X-Men? Pah. You should do VVVVVV.
  3. Winterdaze's Avatar
    Oh, hi there, freaky guy with the really bad hairdo!
    In BW2, that could be just about anyone.
  4. Silverwynde's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Karamazov
    Rage Boy, LOL.
    Yeah, don't ask; it's the "anger management issues" thing. Hugh rages a bit too easily. I would have called him Rage Boy in the game, but there weren't enough spaces.
    Quote Originally Posted by System Error
    X-Men? Pah. You should do VVVVVV.
    I have no idea why, but the whole X-Men thing popped into my head when I was typing this up. Man, I hope I don't end up making it some weird running gag.
    Quote Originally Posted by Winterdaze
    In BW2, that could be just about anyone.
    Weird hair in Pokemon games is pretty much SOP. But oh man, Colress' hair.... Jeez, it's just freaky. Maybe it's the fact that it's blue, or trying to wrap itself around his face and eat it, I dunno. But his barber needs to be fired now.


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