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Transform and Roll Out!

The Further Adventures of a Golett Loving Girl in Unova!

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Silvy Plays the Sequel Game

October 7, 2012 (Day One):

Before I even started my game, I went ahead, used the Memory Link and downloaded Genesect. I was only planning on playing one save file anyway so I decided to get that slag out of the way early. Once that was all done, I began my journey once again.

After the usual introductory stuff, I chose my gender (female) and my name (Silvy). I already had my Starter picked, it was just a matter of getting a decent one. So after the usual stuff, I ran and caught up with Bianca to get my very first Pokémon.

I chose Oshawott, as I knew I'd need a good Water-type. After a couple of resets, I settled on a Lonely-Natured one and named him Prima. He did his job and took out my Rival, Hugh--or as I like to call him, Rage Boy--in a few minutes. With my brand new PokéDex and Pokémon in hand, it was time to get things started!

I battled Trainers, bought Poké Balls and most of all, I caught Pokémon. Lots and lots of Pokémon. These critters wouldn't be staying with me; instead, they would be used as trade fodder for some of my best 'Mons on Black. Yeah, I felt a little bad about it but what could I do? After catching a few, I headed off to Floccesy City.

I derped around town for a bit then headed to the Ranch, where I had to go wrangle up a missing Herdier. Okay, no big deal but Rage Boy proceeds to completely freak out about it, so I step it up for his sake.

I wandered around the Ranch and caught more tossers but to my surprise, I ran into a level 5 male Riolu. For the heck of it, I battled it, weakened it and pitched a Premier Ball at it. Now, every time I've used a Premier Ball, the Pokémon in question has always broken out so I figured that if I had the same luck, I'd just KO the Riolu and call it good.

The Riolu stayed in the Ball. Three shakes later and it was mine. Since I caught it, I nicknamed it Ruki and decided to add it to my party. We'll call this: Epic Decision Number One. Why? Naughty Nature. I'm serious here. I got lucky and the first Riolu I find and catch has a good Nature. That never happens to me unless I have a Synchronizer in front.

After running around in circles, catching more toss-offs and finally nailing a stupid Azurill, I find the Herdier in question, standing next to a Plasma thug. I'm expecting a battle, but the guy flings a TM at me and leaves. Okay, whatever. Now that the dog is back with its owner, I start doing some heavy training in preparation for the first Gym.

I hit double digits for the first time and once I hit 14, I face up to Cheren. His Patrat is an easy target for my Prima and is down for count in no time. His Lillipup is a different story.

Although Prima does all he can, he can't face that Lillipup and remain standing. Prima's KO'd and I have to use Ruki. In three hits, the Riolu gets the job done and I walk away with my bright, shiny new Badge.

And now, the moment I've been waiting for!

Cheren and Bianca give me the C-Gear and I get their numbers. I can call Cheren and get type match-ups while Bianca will check friendship. I have all ideas I will be abusing Bianca's number constantly, as I'm always checking just how much my Pokémon love me. But the moment is upon me: I can now trade from my Black version!

My very first trade is my Golurk, Riser. As you all know, I adore the big fella and have promised to take him to every game I will ever own. He'll always be my first transfer. Then came Guardian, my shiny Golett, Guardian's parents, my set of four Dream World Goletts, my Sawk Hero and three shinies. With those taken care of, I decided I could call it a night. So I save up and take a well deserved rest.

October 8, 2012 (Day Two):

Most of this day was spent catching and level grinding; I bred and traded an Elekid on Black to B2 in order to have my fourth team member. By now, my team was consisting of my Oshawott Prima, my Riolu Ruki, my Dream World Golett どぐう (Dogū) and now my Elekid Loki. I had wanted a shiny Elekid for my team, but since things were going badly on Black, I decided it would be best to resume the hunt on B2; I'd just send the parents over in a trade later.

Since I had my Golett, now was the time to start some serious EV training. Now, I've trained plenty of Iron Fists and find them to make grinding almost too easy but a No Guarder...

Dogū had been previously trained and his original Trainer saw fit to remove his Elemental Punch. I decided to sub in with a few TMs: Shadow Ball, Rock Slide, Focus Blast and Bulldoze. Needless to say, this little guy is a total monster. One Focus Blast took out anything that came near the little guy. And since he was a trade, he got extra EXP. Training the little guy was a breeze.

Once I had everyone up to level 15, I headed over to Virbank City and started preparing for the Gym challenge there. First, I had to whip a few lazy workers into shape, then I had to catch a few more Pokémon for my team. I managed to snag a few Magnemite, keeping the best one for myself. The same happened with the few Growlithe I caught. Then came Magby.

It is official now. I detest Magby. I hate it with every fiber of my being. It took me six tries to catch one. I'm serious. Every one of the little snots ended up getting KO'd or popped out of the ball. But they didn't stop there. Once I had finally caught one and simply started training, the little turds kept jumping in front of me. Um, I want to kill the Patrats around here, not them! They did not make training easy at all.

But then, something amazing happened. At 7:24 PM, right after he made it to level 16, Ruki evolved. With a sturdy and strong Steel type beside me, I was ready to take on the second Gym now.

Roxie's Gym was pretty easy; I had a Magnemite in my party and let it take care of the lower leveled Poison types, which it did. When I faced Roxie herself, however, things changed.

I was underleveled. Badly. I wasn't exactly sure if I could get the win this time but since I had saved before talking to her, I chanced it. I can honestly say, I am really glad that I did.

Ruki got the win for me. He wore that Whirlipede out and got the win. By the time the last blow struck, I felt a lump in my throat. Ruki did it, thus securing a permanent place on my team. When Roxie said that my Pokémon wanted the win, she was right. After that was said and done, I was dragged to the PokéStar studio and had to make a movie. I must have done pretty well, as no one fell asleep during my debut and it made 36 billion at the box office. Proud of myself, I headed back out to Route 20 and started training again.

October 9-10, 2012 (Days Three and Four):

Ruki was the first to undergo extreme training and was the first to hit level 20. After that, it was my little Dogū and then it was Prima. I didn't do much in the way of training with Loki, as I was getting tired and decided to call it for a day. A few hours of sleep later, I ran to the Virbank Docks and with Rage Boy's help took on the Plasma grunt.

A lowly Patrat can be worth a pretty decent amount of points, if your traded over Pokémon aren't much stronger. Loki smacked the rat around with Brick Break and got 300 EXP for his (non)effort. After the battle was done, the grunts took off and I went after them.

I found the grunt standing in the rain like the moron she was. She was an easy 1K in cash, as my Prima knocked her cat on its behind with a Razor Shell. With that crisis solved, Rage Boy and I could head to Castelia. I wandered around a bit, got the bike from creepy clown number one and found the other creepy clowns to score a Rare Candy. I also battled a couple of the GameFreak employees and got a massage for my darling little Dogū, as he deserved it for being so darned cute.

Eventually, I ran into Iris and ended up being dragged to the Pier, where the Castalia City sewer was located. Rage Boy was already there and asked if I found Team Plasma. Me: "Of course not, dipstick! If I had, I would have sent them crying to their mommies!" After telling him no, I end up being dragged into a city sewer.

Great, I'm probably going to die of sepsis now, aren't I?


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