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Transform and Roll Out!

Dairycon Update Part 2

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by , 26th April 2009 at 09:58 PM (309 Views)
When we last left off yesterday, it was almost time for the "Name that Transformer" contest. By the time I got back to the convention room, we were about five minutes from starting. "Name that Transformer" is a 20 questions type of game; we (the convention goers) have to ask the emcee questions in order to get clues. Guessing correctly won you a Dairycon program guide, which contained raffle tickets. Prime was on a tear yesterday and won three times. Pretty darned awesome.

After that, we had the Jumpstarter Rally. Prime and I were in the same heat.... and I won! I went on to the semi-finals, but didn't make it to the finals. Oh well. =/
Crow was the over-all winner after the most epic finals I've ever seen. (The final heat had to be run three times; the Jumpstarters kept leaping over the end of the table.)

After a short break and more wheeling and dealing, the "Assemble Your Own Transformer" event got under way. Only this year, instead of assembling a TF, the contestants had to identify parts. That was evil Fred, very, very evil!
Prime didn't win it; I believe it went to someone named Joe.

More wheeling. more dealing and even more fun ensued. Prime made a few more purchases and we managed to sell a few more things from our table. But Dairycon was beginning to wind down.

This year, we actually had an organiser's panel of sorts where questions were asked and sometimes answered. Afterwards, we had the annual spinning of the big wheel. Prime actually won an exclusive! No long after, the raffle and auction were held; we didn't win anything during the raffle and didn't win the auction either. Maybe next year, if we're lucky.

So the process of packing up began and we all headed out to the local Old Country Buffet for the annual "Eating of the Geeks". But something totally awesome happened to me and Prime as we were driving away from the hotel.

As we started down the street, we noticed a car that was trying to parallel park just a little bit down the street. As I looked at its back end, I couldn't help but think it looked weirdly familiar. Then we passed it. I nearly freaked out when I realised what it was.

A red Camaro. A red 2010 Camaro. As in, movie Cliffjumper. Oh yeah, there was much freaking out. (Thank Primus it wasn't yellow.)

Prime circled the block for me and I was able to get a bit of video of it. (I'll try and post it later.) After that, we were on our way.

We ate, drank and were merry. I haven't had such a great time in weeks. Seriously, I really needed this. After a few hours, our party went about its separate ways. But I had a great time, a really great time. I can barely wait until next year. atching a couple seasons of "CHiPs" to warm up for Homicide: Life on the Street.
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